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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest?


Best franchise:

Dragon Quest 10 31.25%
Final Fantasy 22 68.75%

If we count only the mainline games (Final Fantasy I-XV and Dragon Quest I-XI), what is the best franchise, and why?

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Final Fantasy no contest... not only does it contain my favourite game of all time, but I feel like there's a lot more variety in the series than Dragon Quest, and that's if we're just talking mainline games too. Dragon Quest games to me feel a little too... samey. Now, some people will love that, probably the same people who hate the changes Final Fantasy has gone through, but honestly I like seeing a mix up every now and then. Also the music is just far superior in every way and nobody will ever change my mind on that. (Music plays a HUGE part of how much I enjoy a game)

Final Fantasy, by a wide margin. It has my favourite game of all time, as well as four others that sit comfortably in my top 20. I like Dragon Quest too, just not nearly as much. Final Fantasy just has the more engaging stories and characters, not to mention the music, which again is great in Dragon Quest too, but Nobuo Uematsu's work is just unrivaled in my mind.

Final Fantasy.

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Fantasia Final. I've always loved the DQ franchise, but FF has had a bigger impact in a more personal way.

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I enjoy both series for what they are.

Final Fantasy, for trying new things.

And Dragon Quest, for staying true to its roots.

I have gaming needs for both approaches, and both mostly excel in the way they do it.

Dragon Quest all the way. Dragon Quest Monsters is one of my favorite series ever.

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If this is the 90s. Final Fantasy easily. Last 19 years? Dragon Quest. Aside from 12. Final Fantasy has been shit post IX. Dragon Quest on the other hand keeps getting better. I dare say DQXI is the best in the series.

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By far Final Fantasy. There was a time when a new FF release meant the release of one of the greatest games of all time. That generated some real hype for me!For the future probably Dragon Quest though since FF has turnt to crap now.

Final Fantasy through X...Once Dragon Quest VIII came out I prefer Dragon Quest games