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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest?


Best franchise:

Dragon Quest 10 31.25%
Final Fantasy 22 68.75%

Before FFX...Final Fantasy by a large margin.

After FFX...Dragon Quest by an even larger margin.

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If I had to pick one I'd go with Final Fantasy. The games are simply more ambitious and have done more to push the genre forward. The Dragon Quest games are undoubtedly well-made and have seen some significant quality of life improvements over the years, however the series has mostly rested on its laurels and relies heavily on tradition. I had bought DQ11 for Switch earlier this year and found myself getting bored of it within the first 5 hours. Not a bad game per se, but when you have something like Final Fanrasy 7 Remake that exists it feels a bit trite in comparison. Of course it's different strokes for different folks, as some people enjoy the more simple approach that Dagon Quest offers. Nothing wrong with that.

These days it's Dragon Quest easily. I have to admire how each and every game of the franchise is just great. Because they just don't change the formula and stick with greatness rather than trying to appeal to the western market. FF has the higher potential but it is rarely reached. FFXV is trash, FFXVI looks to be trash, while the latest DQ game is the peak of the series.

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Overall? Final Fantasy. But FF has been on the weaker side the last two decades, with the main exception being FF7 Remake, DQ on the other hand keeps improving and getting better, DQ11 is excellent. DQ will pass FF soon unless FF16 is very good, but I'm already doubtful of FF16. At least I still have future FF7 Remake games to look forwards to FF wise, hoping they'll remake 6 or 8 soon too.

Leynos said:
If this is the 90s. Final Fantasy easily. Last 19 years? Dragon Quest. Aside from 12. Final Fantasy has been shit post IX. Dragon Quest on the other hand keeps getting better. I dare say DQXI is the best in the series.

I agree with you overall (FFI through IX, and XII, in my case). But I still enjoyed most of the post-classic era of FF games even if they have many flaws where it seems like there’s an identity crisis that really has no reason to be. The XIII series wasn’t bad. All titles were good games, I would say, but they weren’t good Final Fantasy games. 

Final Fantasy VII Remake gives me hope that Creative Business Unit 1 (which is composed of most series veterans) finally gets it. 

I don’t so much miss the turn based nature of the series, so much as the strategic and “take your time to think this through” aspects of the battle systems of yore. FFVIIR brings the best of classic and modern together, and I hope it becomes the new ATB. Meaning that it becomes the new gameplay staple of the series and they let it evolve from here.

All that being said, i have enjoyed most classic DQ games, although aside from V, I consider the FF games from the same era to be superior. DQ VII almost got up there. But it is with DQVIII that I feel the series reached the same quality height as the FF series (for the same time period) and to this day, I consider it the best in the series. XI standing at a not so distant second.

Can’t wait for XII. In maybe 3 years if we’re lucky. But I’ll be there day one when it comes out.

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FF wins easily due to FFX and FFVIII.

But DQVIII and DQXI can easily compete with FFXII, FFXIV, FFVII, FFIX, and FFIV.

The rest I don't think are that good.

And then there is FFXIII at the bottom.

Dragon Quest. It is charming and classic. Very fun game to play.

I am a Nintendo fanatic.

Dq for me, it has never lost its magic. FF did... Years ago

It depends

Dragon Quest and it's not even close. Every one I've played I've loved to bits, FF on the other hand... I liked FFX, got through FFIX, and can't bring myself to enjoy VII no matter how hard I try. DQ's quality is consistent across the entire series - spinoffs included as well.