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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why don't people talk about the Switch as much as Xbox or PS?

This may be entirely different for you guys, but for me all over social media I tend to see more people talk about Xbox or PS. There are some people who don't even know what a Switch is and still think Nintendo is making Wii stuff, I notice there's a lot of "dude bro shooter and sport gamers" who only play the yearly COD or Madden and they're often the ones unaware that the Switch exists. I often times only hear about "PS vs Xbox" between people and not that much talk about Nintendo.

This surprises me cause the Switch outsold the Xbox One and it's selling faster than the PS4. however, based off of what I see Nintendo doesn't get talked about nearly as much. All over social media it seems like the discussion is always "PS vs Xbox" and people completely ignore the Switch's existence. I wanna know why.

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Because those gamers are too busy playing games than arguing on the internet about which console is better.

Probably cause Playstation and Xbox has new consoles coming out. I am sure Nintendo's console will be talked about a lot when it's their turn.


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I guess it depends on what pages and channels you follow

I only see Nintendo-related stuff on social media and occasionally one or two news about Playstation a week. I can't remember the last time I see a Xbox new, I think it was when they announced the Series X price

What I want to know is why each console fanbase thinks that their side is oppressed or underappreciated in the gaming space. Like .. really, Switch isn't talked about? The Switch?

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I reject the premise of this post. My personal experience tells me otherwise, people usually have more conversations about the Switch than the Xbox.

More people should talk about how great SEGA Saturn and Dreamcast are instead. Throw in some Neo Geo.

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Because, anecdotal evidence.

People I know in life and social media talk way more about Switch. So maybe there's just something about your network that makes them more likely to be XBox or PS fans. You'd need a representative sample to figure out if that's actually what it's like overall.

We're in the last weeks before the launch of the new Xbox and Playstation consoles, it would be worrying if they didn't occupy a lot of the social media space.

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Can't say I agree with the premise of this thread either. It just isn't so. Plenty of hype all year long has surrounded the Switch, and to deny that would be to deny reality. Certainly in the last month or so there has been quite a bit of buzz surrounding the PS5 and the XBox Series XIS, but that is to be expected since both Sony and Microsoft are launching brand new systems. If someone is claiming they think Nintendo is still working on the Wii they either aren't gamers, or they're trolling. Either way, it's not really relevant to the discussion.