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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo announces Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light for Switch, first time in English

For a second I thought they shadow announced a brand new FE game coming out in December lol.

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Dulfite said:
For a second I thought they shadow announced a brand new FE game coming out in December lol.

Yeah, me too! Though they had a remake of the first game ready.

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:
What a lame way to celebrate an anniversary.

Not at all, that special edition is very nice. 

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When I read the thread title, my first thought was a double pack release of the DS remakes of Fire Emblem 1 and 3 (two games in the series that are directly tied together), but then I remembered that FE3's subtitle is more along the lines of Mystery of the Emblem, not Blade of Light.

This release looks like someone remembered at the eleventh hour that Fire Emblem turned 30 years old this year, so they put something together quickly. While it's nice that this game can be bought instead of being locked behind a subscription (translations cost money), there's not really a point to it when a better version could be played on the DS twelve years ago. The DS version had faster gameplay, cleaner menus and graphics, updated music. It certainly wasn't the best received Fire Emblem because the gameplay was puristic without being updated to match the options of the GBA, GC and Wii games, and its artstyle wasn't well-liked either, but it's still ten times better than playing the original Shadow Dragon.

Releasing overhauled versions (resolution!) of the DS remakes of Fire Emblem 1 and 3 on a Switch game card for €/$40-50 would have been so much better.

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I wanna play Thracia 776 :(

Why not just put it on the NES Online app?

Why not just rerelease the DS version instead?

Why not localize a Fire Emblem game that hasn't been localized before?

Why- you know what nevermind.

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Metallox said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:
What a lame way to celebrate an anniversary.

Not at all, that special edition is very nice. 

ah yes, because putting effort into your limited edition collector's items that are separate from the game itself, is comparable to putting effort into the ... actual game being released. 

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gergroy said:
Meh, I’d be more excited if they updated it a tad... it’s too dated now...

It’s not that I’m not in favour of remakes and remasters, but I prefer having access to the ports of the original, first.

When I play an old game, few things piss me off more than “improvements” that break things I like about the original.

A few examples:

Final Fantasy 1 & 2 remake totally buggered the magic system of FF1 to put in their boring generic system which was easily abused,  ruined the classic character art, and sucked the soul right out of the game.

Sword of Mana destroyed the pacing and tension of Mystic Quest/Seiken Densetsu 1 by expanding the dungeons and adding all this fanfic worthy storytelling to expand the narrative. For the record, they later made a remake called Adventures of Mana which I actually quite liked - it left the story and gameplay alone, just updating the graphics, and it felt WAY better to play than Sword of Mana. The original team had good instincts, IMO.

Chrono Trigger TOTALLY ruined the mystery of Schala when ported to the with a few extras, on DS. The new ending really added nothing of importance, and ruined lots. It would be like if they took the film American Psycho, which is supposed to leave open questions for the viewer to interpret how they want, and just make up some definitive answer and also put Bateman in an institution. Also, something felt off about the animations. Thankfully, we got the real Chrono Trigger on the Wii virtual console.

And I’m just talking Square stuff.

For a Nintendo example, Super Mario Bros 3 Allstar takes the classic stylized art of the NES original tosses its salad with a broken bottle.

Sure, remasters, remakes, and enhanced ports can make games better, but I find at least half the time the artistic visions of the originals are the preferred versions, even if it’s not apparent on paper. Let the gamers make that decision.

And for the record, I think Fire Emblem is TOTALLY one of those game franchises that we need the originals for. I want to see exactly where it all began, how it began, and then watch where they went with it before finally hitting the franchises undisputed masterpiece with FE4 - another FE game I want localized for a western audience and ported to Switch without a graphical or gameplay overhauls, or adding in chunks of story. Localizations are technically edits of the game, text changes from Japanese to EFIGS, character names change, sometimes ages change, clothing changes, symbols change, cutscenes are sometimes altered, etc... but it’s a whole different thing and a whole different argument than blanket overhauls to update - so that’s not what I’m talking about here.

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KLXVER said:

Its not a physical release. The NES cart is just for show. The game is a download code that comes with the package.

Darn, I was wondering why people weren't making a bigger deal about the NES cart.  I should have read that part more carefully.  Well that's an underwhelming release then.