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Chazore said:
sales2099 said:

Allies as in your spending on Steam funnels into the Xbox division, fuelling MSs warchest of IPs and revenue. We be gaming step-brothers haha 

Hypothetically speaking, the only way Gabe would agree to anything is if A. The price is right and B. MS only adds to Steam, not take anything away/make it worse. Like adding Game Pass onto Steam would be a great addition. Having a tab on Steam for Xbox Studio titles wouldn’t be a big deal, due to the sheer volume of titles available. Valve IPs going on Game Pass wouldn’t affect you, only add value. 

I never implied to say my hopes supersede yours. But the idea that PC gamers would be involuntarily “conscripted” into the console war is an amusing thought. 

Yeah, I egt the whole "support the cause" type thing ya'll guys have going, but I'm not really into that vision. I'd rather they just leave Valve alone and stop consuming.

Look at the "partnership" between Acti and Blizz, which has now more or less turned into Acti just purely owning and restructuring Blizz from the inside out, that's not something I'd ever wish on Valve. 

Having a tab?, why not just do what they are doing currently and just release them onto the store, instead of shoving in an Xbox tab?. Don't need to specifically have such a tab when you can see the games on the store, follow devs on it, search for tags etc. 

Valve IP's going to Xbox consoles wouldn't affect me no, because that's happened in the past, but enforcing Xbox style changes to a client I love would affect me. I don't want their UI cramping Steam's style, nor do I want any MS style changes made to the client in general. Steam's client is worlds ahead of the Xbox app.

You have a dream, your dream conflicts against mine, hence why I see direct conflict. I want things to remain separate as they currently are, not engulfed by one party and assimilated. 

Dunno why it's amusing, it just comes off as petty and pointless. Only trolls and "hur durf I'm winning teh war this time" type people would see that. 

Just having a hypothetical thought process inspired by the OP. No biggie. 

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


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Gabe was in COVID lockdown in New Zealand, so had an "extended stay" in a very nice part of the world. - New Zealand is probably the best place on the planet to be in lockdown in all honesty, they defeated the virus and returned to normalcy faster than most other nations.

Gabe likely did some traveling thanks to being forced to stay for an extended period of time, he could have fallen in love with the place and maybe wants to make some movement in opening up development studios there.

Don't see the tie to Microsoft though, but nothing surprises me at the moment.

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Microsoft has to fight and throw more n more money into the pit for its console space.Steam is the Dominant pc platform. It makes money just by existing and it’s great for gamers. I love Xbox, I have no beef with Microsoft. I prefer Xbox games usually.

But It’s safe to assume that Valve’s Steam platform is more valuable than Microsoft’s Xbox division..

ClassicGamingWizzz said:

You better prepare yourself, they will buy valve my guy. 

I honestly don't see it happening.

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sales2099 said:
Ryuu96 said:

Don't mean to be a downer but it's likely nothing.

Geoff was hosting a generic Game Awards meeting with industry folk, Phil was apart of it, some fans were invited to the video call as well to ask Phil questions, Gabe popped in right at the end and answered some questions. It wasn't like Phil, Geoff and Gabe were the only ones there.

Regional Twitter accounts never tweet anything important, with maybe the exception of Xbox UK, if it isn't being teased by the main account it is likely nothing, the New Zealand tease is likely for a NZ launch event (as NZ will be the first place Xbox launches in). Gabe wants to move cause he's been stuck in NZ during this entire pandemic and maybe he's grown to like NZ.

I do think Game Pass will eventually make its way to Steam and who knows, maybe if Gabe decides to retire one day (not really convinced he's at that point yet) Microsoft will acquire Valve but not for a while and I don't think these teases mean anything.

Well he’s 57 right now. Normal age to retire is 65 but I don’t think he will wait that long given his personal wealth. Sometime this upcoming generation we gonna see what he chooses to do upon retirement.

Can’t always judge by age when it comes to retirement when talking about the head of a major company. He could retire early, but he also could retire much later if he truly loves what he does. Look at Warren Buffet:  One of the richest people in the world, and still runs Berkshire Hathaway at 90yo. 

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There is something happening in New Zealand for Xbox.

Imagine not having GamePass on your console...

I dont see any changea coming. MS are happy to use Steam as a source for selling digital media, and Valve are simply not complaining either.

Valve has always been happy to make and sell games for one or more MS platforms, as long as it's at Valve conditions, not MS ones. When MS tried to enforce on PC monopolistic console marketplace-like conditions, Valve made the Steam Machine, that eventually failed (or it was left to fail as on PC MS just owns the OS and cannot legally claim ownership of the whole PC platform), but now Android needs just some more tweaks than what SW emulators currently do to become a viable PC platform, so the threat could be far more effective for Valve and dangerous for MS, but there's no need to arrive to cold war if they can get along nicely and profitably for both. And eventually, Steam arrived on XBOne too and it will be on XB Series X and S too, the harsh times are over, this means Gabe got from MS what he wanted giving it what was the honest deal, games, not MS domination too as paranoid thugs like Lardmer wanted. The gentle Nadella way proved once again it works better than brute force.

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UnderwaterFunktown said:
DirtyP2002 said:

Something is going on. I don't think MS will buy steam or anything like it, but there will be some collaboration between those two. And it should be quite impactful when Gabe and Phil give Geoff Keighley an interview together.

No reason Valve would sell anyways. They don't reveal much number wise, but there's no doubt they're one of the biggest companies in gaming. They probably have a larger revenue than the Xbox divsion of Microsoft honestly, Steam is a larger platform and the market place is a goldmine for them.


AsGryffynn said:
UnderwaterFunktown said:

No reason Valve would sell anyways. They don't reveal much number wise, but there's no doubt they're one of the biggest companies in gaming. They probably have a larger revenue than the Xbox divsion of Microsoft honestly, Steam is a larger platform and the market place is a goldmine for them.


Well, since you asked nicely, let's do an estimate (for 2017):

Microsoft Gaming revenue: 9,25 bn (confirmed from annual report)

Valve Gaming revenue from game sales only: 4,3 bn (estimated by SteamSpy)

Now we don't know how high a percentage of Valve's revenue is made up from other sources than game sales (mainly DLC, microtransactions and the marketplace). But we can look at another major western game company: Activision Blizzard. They revealed in their annual report for 2019 how much of their revenue came from "in-game net bookings" (fancy talk for DLC and microtransactions). They revealed it for 2019 (around 53 % of their revenue) and for 2018 (around 57 % of their revenue), so around 55 % on average. And the remaining 45 % aren't even only from game sales, since they write in the report that it also includes merchandise and license fees.

If we just keep it at 45 % of the total revenue and say theoretically that Valve was in a similar situation they'd have a total revenue of 9,5 bn in 2017.

This is just hypothetical of course and you might say that Activision Blizzard games are riddled with microtransactions and the works, so they're likely to have a bigger part of their revenue from those sources than Valve. But many major games on Steam are free-to-play and make all their money from microtransactions including what are probably the most profitable games for Valve: Dota 2 and CS:GO. On top of that there is the marketplace where Valve makes money from players reselling items to each other, which Activision Blizzard does not have an equivalent to, and I don't think the significance of that should be underestimated. You may still not be convinced that Valve's revenue is bigger, but I hope this is enough to at least show that they are in the same ballpark.

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