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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your favorite Microsoft exclusive franchise?


What is your favorite franchise under Microsoft tender loving care?

Halo 16 22.54%
The Elder Scrolls 15 21.13%
Gears of War 10 14.08%
Banjo-Kazooie 4 5.63%
Forza 2 2.82%
Fallout 4 5.63%
Minecraft 3 4.23%
Killer Instinct 2 2.82%
Fable 4 5.63%
Other 11 15.49%

Halo, it’s appeal to me was the lore rich universe. Over 2 dozen in extended universe materiel in combination with the games. Simply an IP you can get lost in understanding the timelines and factions. I’m really glad MS didn’t drop it after a select few games and recognizes it’s worth continuing. Even post Covenant war there is so much going on it’s hard to keep up. Currently on Shadows of Reach novel which is supposed to give insight into what’s going on in Halo Infinite. Good thing the gameplay and genre is right up my alley too.

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Fable and Age of Empires,

I would say Fallout (FO1/2 being firmly some of my GOAT), but I don't consider Fallout to suddenly be MS franchise just because MS bought Zenimax, I don't consider it to be Bethesda franchise eiither, it is Interplay's IP that got bought and mutilated by hacks at Bethesda.

Luckilly, MS bought Obsidian as well, which is packed with people who created Fallout, so there's some hope for it after all.


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Fallout > Elder Scrolls > Halo > Fable > Forza > Dishonored > Age of Empires > Ori > Perfect Dark > Wolfenstein are my top 10 in descending order.

Easy, Age of Empires.

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Not sure if it’s fair to already count Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and Banjo’s biggest exposure is on Nintendo systems. I’ll have a Microsoft exclusive I like though, even if I played this series’ spinoff more than the main games;

Age of Empires.

Funny thing is ‘other’ leads in the poll and there’s more in here that say AoE, coincidence?

Back in the day: Age of Empires

Today: Forza Horizon

Tough call between Age of Franchise and Halo Franchise. While I played both extensively in the early days, the latter days have not been so kind to both franchises.

I will take it easy on myself since I want to go to sleep and just choose based on my top 50 list.

15: Age of Mythology PC
7: Halo 2 Xbox

Looks like Halo wins based on how much fun couch Co-op and 4 player LANs were. Still these 2 are my top rated RTS and FPS respectively, with none yet to topple it.

2.Elder Scrolls

I guess I would say Halo. Can never go wrong with couch coop.