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Forums - Movies Discussion - MCU Spider-Man 3 rumors- Tobey, Andrew, Miles Morales, and more | Edit: Some Rumors confirmed

BasilZero said:
shikamaru317 said:

Wow, this movie is sounding truly insane. If you add up every character from credible rumors you have:
-4 Spider-Mans
-3 Spider-Man love interests
-5 villains (Doc Ock, Scorpion, Electro, Kraven, and Green Goblin)
-Doctor Strange
-Nick Fury

Where are you getting "4" Spider-Mans?

Isnt it 3?

One of the leakers suggested that Miles Morales will be introduced in the movies as well, though we don't know if he will be one of the fully fledged Spider-Mans who get pulled in with Doctor Strange's powers to help Tom Holland Spider-Man, or if it will be an origin story for Miles Spider-Man within the MCU, showing how he gets his powers.