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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS5 Teardown Video

From Playstation Blog:

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My girl's thic!!!

A monster of a console. It’s as big as his torso. Cooling solutions are interesting.

Won’t stop me from getting one.

Beautiful. Can’t wait!

They went all out with the cooling. It's great to see.

I can't wait to see what more creative minds than mine do with the side panels too.

About time Sony. Give us more info!

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Was just watching it on Twitter. Side panels are removed easily, customization should be easy yea boii. And liquid cooling, wow no wonder it was quiet during the play session of the japanese influencers.

This thing is bigger than the PS3 haha. What a thicc monster. UI next Sony, pretty please 🤓

Damn thats one beefy heatsink and big fan. Also the liquid metal TIM is there as rumored.

Cool stuff.

od on the cooling

Massive effort on the cooling unit.
No way this thing overheats or is loud.

They certainly didn’t hold back on anything when it comes to engineering this console.
Both Sony and Microsoft went all out on the cooling aspects and we’ll all be better for it. I more often than not play using a headset, but there’s no denying fan noise is annoying.

I still wish they allocated a dedicated memory chip for the OS, so we’d get the entire SSD for our games. Considering my 1TB PS4 Pro has a 4TB external drive connected to it, and my stuff takes about 85% of that entire space (I like to keep the best games installed at all time and have them ready at the click of a button), that mere 825GB is going to be filled quite fast, considering the size of the games and the amount of space lost to the OS.

At around CAD100$ for a portable 4TB HDD, yet around CAD750$ for a space equivalent M2 drive, I don’t see myself increasing the memory space in my PS5 anytime soon. That’s one of the only thing concerning me about the next gen consoles. Since I really don’t like swapping games on and off my consoles, or having to wait when transferring data from one drive to another.