Forums - General Discussion - Who are worse? Presidential candidate fanatics or game console fanatics?

which one is worse

Presidential candidate 33 94.29%
Console/PC box 2 5.71%

They both have nothing on sports fans. At least the other zealots have something interesting to jerk over.

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Gaming is barely consequential, while leaders can have a strong impact on our societies. I'll let you figure out the rest.

Since I've come to this site I've found out that there are a fair amount of gamers out there that will defend their console like they are defending a political candidate. Even still, it's a lot more fun to talk about video games than politics.

Console fanatics can be annoying and blind to reality as well. But it's about a hobby. Irrational and near unconditional supporters of politicians are far more dangerous.

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Pc master race fanatics


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I'm kinda struggling to believe this was a question anyone thought was worth making.

HollyGamer said:
Imagine if console fanatic that also into politic LMAO

This is what I thought.... Imagine the combos... A MAGA Trump Persona freak. World of Warcraft Biden forever stan.
The thread is USA focused, by why not international? Erdogan/Animal Crossing fanboy. Modi/Fortnite kiddy. LOL

Presidential candidate fanatics are worst, no question about it.

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Fanboy gamers are annoying and can be toxic af, but overall they are just a bunch of harmless nerds who won't really make anything worse than crying on social media

Politicians fandoms are far more severe, no comparison