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curl-6 said:
Captain Yuri beat me to it, but yeah, "underpowered" is always hilarious, given that most gens weren't won by the strongest hardware and systems a gen behind in power have trounced their more powerful rivals.

On a related note, people claiming that the PS5 has no chance of beating the Xbox Series X, because it's a little less powerful. Usually accompanied by a rewriting of history to claim that the Xbox One's losing to the PS4 had absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft's initially-announced DRM scheme, the higher price, forced integration of Kinect, initial focus on media over games, terrible launch exclusives, or generally arrogant and disdainful attitude towards gamers during 2013, and was purely the result of it being the less powerful of the two consoles.

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Someone on this site said the Switch would fail cause they didn’t call it “Nintendo Next”

Motion controls are just a fad and will vanish soon.

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"[Insert its predecessor here] failed, so this one will fail too."

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They bought one of my favorite publishers/devs, so they are anti consumer.

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Captain_Yuri said:
Console is too weak

*Looks at all the times that weak consoles succeeded*

This. This. This.

Wii is Nintendo's best-selling home console. It was far weaker than the PS3 and Xbox 360. Switch is also very weak as a home console (though good to excellent in specs as a portable). 3D games in the DS were kind of an after-thought. Nintendo upped some of the specs in development after learning about a PlayStation Portable in development. And then the DS became Nintendo's best-selling piece of hardware. It trails the PS2 only by 3 million units, pretty much within a margin of error. The 3DS was way weaker than the Vita, and stomped it. Game Boy was weak compared to its competitors, and dominated the market.

And then you look at powerful specs in consoles. GameCube was the second-best sixth gen console in terms of specs and still got third place. N64 was beaten handily by the newbie, the PlayStation. 

Xbox One X was the most powerful console to date, and failed to sell much. Xbox One is still under 50 million, and the X probably only sold 5-7 million of Xbox One consoles. 

In almost every console generation, the platform that sells the most hardware is not the one with the best specs. Pretty sure SNES is the only outlier. Though technically consoles like the CD-i had superior specs, but they're not really in the same class as SNES, Genesis, and TGFX16.

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It doesn't have enough 3rd party games.

JWeinCom said:
TheBraveGallade said:

Both the 3ds and vita were failing out of the gate.

THe difference was that nintendo literally did EVERYTHING to save the 3ds, in fact, I susupect the Wii U suffered in its first year becasue nintendo was so focused on saving the 3ds, while sony left the vita dead in the water.

Look at the date of the article. By this point Nintendo had already slashed the price, and sales were rebounding, and had announced a fairly nice slate of games including Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Animal Crossing, Ocarina of Time, and Luigi's Mansion and probably a few others. In particular those first three games were all 10 million sellers, and anyone following the industry knew they'd be pretty big. Really the only major title Sony had shown off by then IIRC was Uncharted. 

And the games he lists to back up his claim that Vita has a better library? Uncharted, Resistance Burning Skies, Sound Shapes, Gravity Rush, Super Stardust Delta, Escape Plan, Ruin. Not exactly system sellers. Pretty sure Luigi's Mansion alone sold more than all of combined. 

You're not wrong about the different approaches Nintendo and Sony took (although I dunno if Sony could have saved the Vita if they wanted to, because they don't have the first party lineup that Nintendo does) but by this point, we knew enough to know that this was a ridiculous prediction. And, as shown in the OP, he continued to find ridiculous reasons to predict gloom and doom for Nintendo. Dude was way too biased to be working for a high profile outlet that claims to be reputable. And also a smug douche in general. Big part of the reason people say you can't spell ignorant without IGN.

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Because the previous generation isn’t over yet.

I’ve heard myself say that several times.