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Forums - Sony Discussion - Anyone else felt underwhelmed with the FF XVI reveal?

konnichiwa said:
Hynad said:

The game is still developed by the team that made XIV.

Did you play XIV? 

No reason to be concerned yet.

Except for the part that FFXIV needed to be killed off to be...well reborn again..

Except for the part Naoki Yoshida, producer FF XIV ARR and its expansions and now at the helm of FF XVI, wasn’t the producer of the original FF XIV.

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Final Fantasy has never been full fantasy; it has had Sci fi elements. Game does look a little bland they still have lots of time to amaze us.

What bothered me was the character models that look worse than ff7 remake and just a little better than ff14. Mais character looks só fucking bland


... I was really excited when it first came on, trying to guess what it was, wondered if it was... and then I saw chocobos, summons (Ifrit did look pretty great, let's just admit it) and a Malboro... and then... the logo! I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little giddy. Even if it turns out to be "bad" I'm still gonna' be buying it day one, and will probably enjoy it. Even the "worst" Final Fantasy games, I consider to be good games, lol.

Doesn't really matter, we won't be able to play it until PS6 anyways.

The trailer was okay, but the single party member is disappointing. As much as I like my 3rd person action single player games, FF has always been about a decent sized party doing things.

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It looks like in FF16 you can actually be part of the story, that's a step up!

Its made by the same team who made FFXIV. It'll be good.

Graphics however... is another story.

hinch said:

Its made by the same team who made FFXIV. It'll be good.

Graphics however... is another story.

Partly the graphics look very fine.

Character models seem a bit bland but that aint a big problem for me, it looks like it has been in development for a while.

The logo looks nice and has a color scheme reminescent of FFX ^^

... That's the only nice thing I can say about this reveal. New FF games just doesn't interest me anymore and this one goes further and further away from what I liked about the series.

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Actually, I got some huge FF XIV vibes in the game.