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Forums - Sony Discussion - Anyone else felt underwhelmed with the FF XVI reveal?

It looked great to me. I never played FF15, but this one looks like devil may cry inspired it or something!

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The game looked lifeless. Square Enix needs to make another big budget 2D mainline Final Fantasy. Would be a nice change of pace and reinvigorate the franchise.

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Hynad said:
vivster said:

The tone and the combat are straight ripped from FFXV, the FFXIV paint job on the outside doesn't matter.

The game is still developed by the team that made XIV.

Did you play XIV? 

No reason to be concerned yet.

Except for the part that FFXIV needed to be killed off to be...well reborn again..

Just glad it has no sci fi. Art is bland. SE a while ago did hire the combat guy from DMCV so maybe this combat will be good.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

M-rated Final Fantasy was a looong time coming, so I'm not concerned or bothered about that.

Edit - rewatching it without shitty YT live compression makes it look better too.






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I thought it looked intriguing. I'm not going to judge a game based on its reveal trailer, when things like graphics, setting, storyline, characters, and everything else is pretty much a mystery right now. Might want to give it some more time.

Can I just say as an American I really prefer American dubbing compared to english dubbing. Sucks we arent getting it

So you made a thread of your own comment on the event thread =p
I can only talk about myself. But I was very pleased with the event.

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Was underwhelmed mainly because of how the trailer went, art direction is some what bland which for FF is odd because normally they have some interesting art direction but it's also that the trailer felt a bit jumbled up like they were unsure what to show.

The main problem however is whether they'll take 4 to 5 years from now to get the game out and whether it'll be like what was shown tbh.

Absolutely, because it's full fantasy. Buuuuut all people who need their crow please be available when I get home