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Forums - Gaming Discussion - On which platform(s) do you play Fortnite?


On which platform(s) do you play Fortnite?

PlayStation 4 143 14.30%
Xbox One 50 5.00%
Nintendo Switch 148 14.80%
PC 40 4.00%
Android 3 0.30%
iOS 3 0.30%
A combination of the above 16 1.60%
None of the above 597 59.70%

Epic Games' free-to-play title Fortnite is popular. So popular that Epic is trying to overthrow the established royalty fee model with a lawsuit against both Apple and Google.

But do you play Fortnite, and if yes, on which platform?


Bonus question: Are there other free-to-play games you play regularly, and if yes, what are they?

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Only tried Fortnite for like half an hour before conclusion that the game is not for me.
Played it on the Switch.

I play the auto-chess game Dota Underlords more than I'd like to admit. Really like that genre. Play a lot of Teamfight Tactics as well.

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Tried it once. It sucked. Wish it would die. Also, hate it rips off people's work and gets away with it. Stole dances from people knowing a dance can't be copyrighted unless a certain length. So legally not morally got away with it. Assholes. Nathan Barnatt being one of them. (Keith Apricary or Dad on YT) The guy struggles to pay rent and been hurting esp since this pandemic happened. He makes dance videos and Epic stealing his dance is taking money from him. Others like him. Fuck Epic. Fuck Fortnite.

As fro F2P. I play Warframe and Star Trek Online from time to time.

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Not playing Fortnite, but I'm playing Rocket League, which is also a F2P Epic game. On PC of course.

I also play Hearthstone from time to time, but that's pretty much it. I'd probably play more F2P games on mobile but they have all become so convoluted and over saturated with 500 different currencies that I feel easily overwhelmed.

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PC. I have my xbox, playstation, and nintendo accounts linked. I don't own an xbox, though, and I have no interest in playing the game on consoles/phones. It's more of a curious thing that I ever installed it on switch. I don't want to take the time to get used to using a controller, and the graphics/framerate also take a hit, so I'm just not that interested.

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Why do I get the sense this is simply fishing for new users to put on Rol's blacklist?

OT: Never played it, I don't really like competitive online multiplayer games much. The only F2P game I've spent any time with is probably Path of Exiles, but it became much too complicated after a while. Getting a PhD to be able to play a game seems excessive.

Nope don't play Fortnight on anything.

I do bounce between Phantasy Star Online 2, Path of Exile and Warframe as new content drops or to fill in time when I'm not doing much else.

Not playing Fortnite and never will.

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I prefer playing good over popular games, so none of the above

Have never played it.