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Forums - Gaming Discussion - On which platform(s) do you play Fortnite?


On which platform(s) do you play Fortnite?

PlayStation 4 143 14.30%
Xbox One 50 5.00%
Nintendo Switch 148 14.80%
PC 40 4.00%
Android 3 0.30%
iOS 3 0.30%
A combination of the above 16 1.60%
None of the above 597 59.70%

Played it when it released on switch and I was hooked for a while. I think I got close to 60 hours, which is more time than I have played some full $60 retail releases. I even considered dropping some money on it just to support it, not that I was interested in any of the things they sell. But in the end I didn't and I'm glad, that money is better spent on games that need more support.

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Never and I won't try it. Gameplay videos looked boring as hell (as most battle royales do).

The toilet.

Please Watch/Share this video so it gets shown in Hollywood.

I heard playing it on the iOS is all the rage now.

I have tried it out on the Switch to play with some Splatoon friends but it really isn't my cup of tea

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I once downloaded it on my Switch. It was a horrifying experience.

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I cannot stand people who judge a game solely based on its audience. Fuck the Fortnite hate. My son and I have bonded so much over that game, and then you have edgy teenagers and grown-up man babies who cry about its existence. Let kids like what they like, regardless of how stupid it seems to you. You were that once in your life, you liked "stupid" shit, and played "stupid" shit. But who cares, as long as the person doing it is having fun. That being said, I play Fortnite on PS4.

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