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Forums - Sports Discussion - 2022 NBA Offseason - Rest in Peace Bill Russell

Nice win by the Nuggets no sweeps in the first round in the West.

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Chris Hu said:
PAOerfulone said:

First off, the Suns split the regular season series with the Warriors 2-2.

That aside, regular season basketball is one thing; PLAYOFF basketball is another - The Nuggets took 3 out of 4 from the Warriors in the regular season, and yet they're in danger of being swept right out of the First Round by that very same team.

How much postseason experience do Devin Booker and the Suns have?

How much postseason experience do Ja Morant and the Grizzlies have?

Now compare their combined experience to that of Steph and the Warriors. They've won as many championships with that core as Booker's Suns and Morant's Grizzlies have won playoff series' COMBINED. 

The Suns and Grizzlies THINK they can win a championship, the Warriors KNOW they can. How many Game 7s, Elimination games, and high pressure situations have the Warriors been in since they made their first appearance with that core of Steph, Klay, Draymond, and Iguodala back in 2014? Not only have they won many of those crucial games, they've won some of them on the road. Games 4 and 6 against Cleveland in 2015, Game 6 against OKC in 2016, Games 1 and 7 against Houston in 2018 and Game 6 in 2019 (Two seasons where Houston had Golden State's number in the regular season, yet look what happened in the playoffs.) They've been in those type of situations countless times and they have won more than they have lost. This is the same core and same coaching staff that, when healthy enough to be on the court, went to 5 straight NBA Finals and won 3 of them. They know what it takes to get there and to finish the job.

Phoenix had ONE great run last year where they made it to the Finals and came up short followed by a dominant regular season this year, and Memphis also put together a very strong season and this would be the first time they've made it past the 1st round since 2015 when... they lost to the Warriors... Who went on to win their 1st of 3 championships. That's assuming the Grizzlies get past the 1st round in the first place since the Timberwolves are giving them ALL they can handle.

The Grizzlies, and to a lesser extent, the Suns, are unproven in these major, high pressure, playoff situations. The Warriors have been there and done that, many, MANY times. They were a dynasty in the mid-late '10s with that core they still have. A core that is now back in tact, back together, and getting healthy for the first time in 3 years, and has plenty of support behind them. 

The Suns pretty much put-up better numbers all across the board and again they easily won elven more games than the Warriors did during the regular season.  Again, if Booker is back by the WCF the Sun will be the favorite team in that series.

Chris Hu said:
Angelus said:

Can't help but be sad for Chris Paul. Highly unlikely he'll get another crack at that elusive title. Still though, heck of a playoff run he had at 36. Hopefully he's able to reflect upon it in a positive light once all the dust settles.

That said, while I am sad for CP3, it's also hard not to be happy for the Bucks. They really came together, and played by far their best basketball in the Finals, when it mattered. Giannis came back within a week from what looked like it was going to be a devastating injury, and pretty much lit the world on fire. Even down 0-2, total never say die attitude. You gotta respect, and applaud it.

Yeah unless he ops out of the final year of his contract and signs with another contender (Lakers) this was pretty much his last great chance of winning a title as a starter.  He could still eventually win a title riding the bench on championship team like Gary Payton did with the '06 Heat.

Chris Hu said:

My not so bold prediction for the 2022 NBA Finals Warriors versus Nets. The Nets just need to stay healthy and tweak their bench a bit. The Warriors need Klay to come back healthy, Curry have a decent season. Draft somebody decent at the number 7 spot and use the 14th pick and someone else from their roster to trade for another top level player.

Like I said, even you realize that your predictions are complete baloney.

Thanks for never ever picking my Bucks, by the way. You picked against them last year against the Nets. You picked against them last year against the Hawks. You picked against them last year against the Suns. You said there is no possible way Giannis could win MVP over Harden in '20.

You da real MVP.

Machiavellian said:
burninmylight said:

The Lakers just traded away their best perimeter defenders to get him, not to mention that Schroeder is likely gone and Matthews is up in the air. The trade will put LAL further over the hard cap, with the only way to improve via free agency being their non-taxpayer mid-level exception (they were actually under the cap during the championship run last year because they created enough space for two max-level roster spots, but only got one in Anthony Davis). So outside of that 9.536 million to play with, LAL can only sign veterans to the NBA minimum salary.

Granted, it's the Lakers, so I wouldn't be surprised to see some aged ring chasers sign on for cheap. With it being so early into the offseason, before trades can become official and free agency having not even begun, I think we should probably hold off on declaring where teams will end up in the playoff picture.

I believe the big thing about this trade is that it will allow LB to rest more.  The amount of mins that LB is running just not going to but it for his age and the Lakers need someone else who can put up good numbers and keep the offense going.  Russ has this ability and with AD as a nice target will allow Russ to continue doing what he does best.  I bet you will see that kind of rotation where either Russ or LB sit first and then they rotate to keep at least 2 prime players on the court at all times.

Yes, the 3 ball is an issue but I would not put it pass the Lakers to find a few old heads who can knock down shots to fill in that position.

If anything the Lakers should be entertaining.

LeBron James '20-'21 minutes per game: 33.4

LeBron James '21-'22 minutes per game: 37.2

You were kind of right though; LeBron started catching up on rest by taking games off when it became clear that the Lakers complete shitshow was sending them straight to Jamaica or the Bahamas here in April!

Nuvendil said:

Welp, with that game we are officially living in a timeline where the Brooklyn Nets may be the only first round team to be swept.


Never thought I'd find myself in a position where I'm having to root for the Nets to not get swept out early so that my team's potential second-round opponent won't get early rest ~_~. At least buy us some time so we can get Middleton back early in the series.

Sun's winning 11 more games doesn't mean much when the Warriors never had a full healthy starting 5 all season. A healthy Warriors vs a healthy Suns team is still an advantage for the Warriors imo. This first round of the playoffs is the first time the Warriors have had everyone together, minus Wiseman, and we have already seen how well they gel together with Curry, Thompson, Poole, Draymond, and Wiggins on the court. I give the Nuggets props for not getting swept. This Nuggets team has always been a tough out in the playoffs no matter how out matched they are.

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burninmylight said:
Nuvendil said:

Welp, with that game we are officially living in a timeline where the Brooklyn Nets may be the only first round team to be swept.


Never thought I'd find myself in a position where I'm having to root for the Nets to not get swept out early so that my team's potential second-round opponent won't get early rest ~_~. At least buy us some time so we can get Middleton back early in the series.

At least the team you follow is in the playoffs.  I've been following the Cavs this season and because of the idiotic play in tournament, they were denied a playoff berth so that Trae Young could go embarass himself and the sport of basketball in the first round.

Booker, please hurry back.

Super hype for Celtics-Bucks! Hoping for a good one.


And there's our 1st series done, a 4-0 sweep of the Nets at the hands of the Boston Celtics.

Where did it go wrong for the Nets? Or are the Celtics just that good?