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Forums - Sales Discussion - Final Fantasy VII Remake shipped 5m by early August. Lifetime sales expectations (PS4 only)?


Final Fantasy VII Remake shipped 5m by early August. Lifetime sales expectations (PS4 only)?

Less than 6 million 48 7.19%
6.0 - 6.4 million 42 6.29%
6.5 - 6.9 million 55 8.23%
7.0 - 7.4 million 118 17.66%
7.5 - 7.9 million 81 12.13%
8.0 - 8.4 million 86 12.87%
8.5 - 8.9 million 54 8.08%
9.0 - 9.4 million 34 5.09%
9.5 - 10.0 million 35 5.24%
More than 10 million 115 17.22%

Square-Enix's remake of Final Fantasy VII launched exclusively on the PS4 and will get ported to other platforms later. However, for this thread and poll we will be focusing on the PS4 version alone. What are your lifetime sales expectations?

Final Fantasy VII Remake had shipped 3.5m units during its first weekend. Earlier this month Square-Enix tweeted an update that shipments reached 5m approximately four months after the game's release.


Bonus question: In which year do you expect the Final Fantasy VII Remake saga to conclude? In other words, when will the last part of the remake release.

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Well, bearing in mind that FF7R sold 5m in about 4 months compared to FF15 selling 6m in less than 2 months and 8.9m in 3 years, as well as the fact that FF7R released much later in PS4’s lifecycle and will have it’s legs cut short as a result (assuming that Square releases a paid PS5 port instead of a free PS5 graphical update for the PS4 version), I think it’s safe to say that the PS4 version will top out just below 7m.

With PS5, XSX, and PC versions added on, I think part 1 can do around 14-15m lifetime.

As for the bonus question, hard to say when the final part will release, because we don’t know how many parts there are. Considering part 2 was in development for at least a half a year before part 1 released, I’m hopeful that it will release in 2022, though it may be a 2023 release, especially if FF16 is 2022, because I don’t think Square will release 2 major FF games in the same year. Assuming the 3rd part will end it, I would guess it will release around 2025-2026. However, it’s far from certain that they can finish the game in 3 parts, afterall part 1 only covered the first 6 out of 30 chapters of the original game, so they will need to do 12 chapters per part to finish the remake in 3 parts. If they do less new content and fleshing out than they did with part 1, then 12 chapters per part may be possible, but there is no way they are getting 12 chapters per part while adding a ton of new content and fleshing things out with more dialogue and such. We could possibly be looking at a 4 or 5 part game, which could mean that we won’t get the final part and the complete collection until generation after next, in the late 2020’s or early 2030’s.

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Once again depends if it gets a dedicated PS5 version. In this case that seems pretty likely since they're going to port the game to other systems next year anyways, among which will probably be a Series X port. With that in mind I still think it'll hit at least 7 mil on PS4.

Bonus: 2025. Maybe late 2024 at the absolute earliest.

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PS4 only? I'd say 7-8m. Can't see it having great legs given the ports to other platforms and the coming PS5.

Bonus: 2048. I expect they'll try to get the final part out for the 50th anniversary of the original, but not be able to finish it in time and have to delay it until the year after.

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10 mil or more,
its a must buy but making it by parts did hurt it a bit so 10 mil sure does look like a pipe dream hahaha!

I’d say about 7M, picked the 7-7.4M option. After a high launch it seems it’s legs are less than stellar and the game appears to be frontloaded.

As for the bonus question, I don’t know how many parts there are, but I guess 2025 at the earliest.

I think its possible for it to reach something just under 7.5 mil maybe 8 mil on PS4. I think there will no doubt be a game of the year rerelease for all platforms and that should push it into the magic 10 mil bracket. The game is recieveing very good word of mouth and good reports so I think with the prices cuts and various promotions its possible to get 7 - 8 mil on PS4 alone.

I think it can cross 8M with time. All platforms perhaps 15M and all remakes series about 30M.
Bonus: I think it will be a trilogy and last title will be released about 2026.

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7.5-8m seems reasonable enough for the positive reception its got.

Bonus: 2026 assuming its 3 parts only.