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No idea, I remember my parents taking me and my brother and sister but I don't recall what the movie was. I do remember I lost my Lakers cap that day.

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Quoted myself instead of editing. :-/

The first movie I can remember seeing in theaters was Land Before Time and I would of been 5 years old.

Toy Story 2, for sure. Maybe Tarzan, but that's a little fuzzy. It would've been earlier in 1999, and I can't remember. If I was ever brought when I was under 2 and a half, I can't remember.

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Snow White. The animated Disney film. For a log time Disney refused to release it on VHS so they still only showed it in a theatre.

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Pokemon the Movie - Mewtwo strikes back
was my first movie I ever watched in a theater.
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I think it was the 90s re-release of Star Wars A New Hope.

I believe it was The Never Ending Story. I don't have much memory of seeing the movie. But, I recall that my dad took me to an amazing place called The International House of Pancakes before the movie. The thought of going to an important pancake restaurant was huge, and has stuck with me for 36 years since.

I think it was Lion King.

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