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Forums - General Discussion - Coronaverse: When was your last haircut?


When did you last get your hair did?

No hair, don't care 1 2.78%
sometime in 2019 4 11.11%
January 2020 3 8.33%
February 2020 6 16.67%
March 2020 1 2.78%
April 2020 3 8.33%
May 2020 2 5.56%
June 2020 4 11.11%
July 2020 12 33.33%
Is this really a thread/p... 0 0%

Inspired by the "What was the last movie you saw in the theater" I bring you an equally intruiging thread about your grooming habits.  For some of us this thread may not even apply, whether because you don't have sufficient hair that would need to be cut, or you keep your hair trimmed on the regular with clippers or razor.  For those of us with hair (mind you, I've certainly got a SPOT where I could use a whole lot more), that forest is becoming increasingly dense, shaggy, curly, obnoxious, etc.

So how long has it been for you?  Did you get a haircut right as the lockdown began, knowing you'd need to last a good while?  Did you get your haircut during your region's soft open for such services?  Are you in one of those blessed places where such things as haircuts aren't a luxury (and if so, are there certain precautions the barbers and stylists are employing to keep you and themselves safe)?  

Personally, it has been 6 months since my last haircut.  Typically speaking I don't go more than 3 months without having one as the sides of my hair start to look poofy, my neckline grows at a weird angle, and most importantly, I start getting this obnoxious curl in the back.  While my hair is mostly straight, when I grow out the mullet (which I haven't done since 1990) the back gets all curly and wavy.  Right now I'm in that Albert Einstein, crazy homeless man stage of things, which is certainly awkward as I operate a furniture store and I fear I may be scaring away some customers.

Anyway, I'm not sure when I'll try to get it cut.  It's not worth putting myself at risk in a salon, but I may have to seek out the resources of a friend with some skills soon. What about you?  If you haven't gotten it cut yet, where do you draw the line?  Or are you taking this as your moment to go full hippy and let it all hang out.

Bonus question: Do you color your hair (this might just be for the ladies, I don't know), and if so, have you opened up the box dye yet or are you going natural?

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What is a haircut?

September 2019


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im in the army now, buzzcut

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I had first since lockdown a week ago.

March 19th - Haircut Before
July 22nd - 1st Haircut after.

Longest I've ever been without one, but surprisingly wasn't that bad.

I always let my hair (including facial hair) go during the summer. That started a bit early this year so it is getting quite long. The beard is down to my chest and the hair is over my eyes. I only have one week left before I have to report back to teach though, so sometime next week it is all getting whacked off as I get back into teacher shape...

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Been saving time and money on haircuts via clippers and buzzcut for years. Was thinking about growing it out at some point but that definitely won't be until the virus is behind us.

May. I got a mom that does it for me.

Thanks mom.

Summer of 2012. No joke. I have a full head of hair but I just cut it myself for better or worse. I wear a ballcap anyway.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!

December. I was trying to grown it anyway and curly hair take quite sometime. I don't expect to get another cut before 2021

Last monday.