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When did you last get your hair did?

No hair, don't care 1 2.78%
sometime in 2019 4 11.11%
January 2020 3 8.33%
February 2020 6 16.67%
March 2020 1 2.78%
April 2020 3 8.33%
May 2020 2 5.56%
June 2020 4 11.11%
July 2020 12 33.33%
Is this really a thread/p... 0 0.00%

June 2020

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Professionally, in May. And then 3 weeks ago, woke up in a bad mood and cut my fringe. Yes, I regretted it 5 minutes after. 

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I'm a man, so a couple of weeks ago. Probably going to do it again soon, might Monday actually.

If I were a woman, or a lazy bastard, it might've been a longer time. But I'm not. I'm a man, I have short hair and am fully capable of cutting it myself, so I do.

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Last May. I usually cut my hair every three months or so, and I've always used the same style throughout my whole life.

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I have been cutting my own hair since for 3 1/2 years. Last time a stylist did it was Dec 2016. Nothing new either. Been doing it myself every now and again since the 90's. Just haven't been on such a long streak like this. I do a fine job too.

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Jeez. Thought I would be special. Literally nobody I know IRL does it themselves. Buncha' freaks on the Chartz.

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End of May, the country that I live in was almost clean of Coronavirus. It is back in full force, but I would say my hair is peak form for a month or 2 until I need to cut it again.

Got my dad to cut it in April, need to do it again very soon.