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Forums - General Discussion - Coronaverse: When was your last haircut?


When did you last get your hair did?

No hair, don't care 1 2.78%
sometime in 2019 4 11.11%
January 2020 3 8.33%
February 2020 6 16.67%
March 2020 1 2.78%
April 2020 3 8.33%
May 2020 2 5.56%
June 2020 4 11.11%
July 2020 12 33.33%
Is this really a thread/p... 0 0%

I just got one last week, so I went from January to July

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Couple weeks ago, since I cut my own hair and have for years.

A month agoish. I cheated and married someone who cuts hair :)

Being furloughed, I did hold out until I could put my hair in my mouth this time. Then I knew it was time to finally get it cut.

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Last time was in June or July.
Next time is tomorrow, because I have an interview on friday.

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2016. The day ofn my wedding. And if wish I'd gone bald that day, too.

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Jan, finally have one next month.

I've had no disruption in haircuts.

I'd say "What's a haircut?", but Captain Yuri stole my thunder. *sighs*

<-- I got a haircut last year already! It currently looks something like this.