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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The console war is over

Its not over, but I really like the tweet.

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goopy20 said:
sales2099 said:

Consoles are the main source of GP subscribers. Console allows easiest marketing and access to the subscription and what it offers VS checking via phone or PC. Previous gen gamers move on eventually and it’s their choice to provide cross gen support in year 1. Many people are console gamers only. Xbox One has a “taint” associated with it, next gen feels (and is) new and full of potential. 1st and 3rd party digital game sales (because not everybody will use GP and still have options to buy whenever they want). 

That enough reasons? 

Why not release the Game Pass app on ps5 and Switch as well, then? 

It would be a win win for everybody.

If you read between the lines of what Phil said in the last couple weeks where he mentioned "don't expect GP on other consoles", you can see that they want to put GP on other systems.  But, they're not able to reach acceptable terms with Sony or Ninty for doing so.


Eagle367 said:
No the point is Xbox's main platform is now Gamepass not Xbox consoles. They are gonna combine Game pass and xcloud as well soon. And the console is just for people who like consoles since there are a lot of those. Why deny yourself any potential customers? It's more money for them.

Not yet it isn't. Besides, aren't Xbox consoles the #1 portal to Gamepass?

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Oh man, I just imagined how awesome it'd be to have Xbox GamePass on PS4/5. I'm all excited all of a sudden! avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

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It is obvious that MS is not interested in outselling PlayStation. MS is not even interested console(A training device); XBOX game pass is the real product from MS. XBOX is just one many devices that can access to it. Its the primary reason why I don't think they'll be a major change in sales numbers between the two. MS is not invested in that.

Leynos said:
Then why make a console at all?

to make money? xP

To be honest their PR for the new console is horrendous. None of this is appealing outside of their current userbase. All of their messaging just comes off like they aren't confident in their product, at all. Like they are conceding as a competitor to the market leader. It would be like Samsung coming out and saying oh we're not directly competing with Apple but we're doing our own thing. Just no, stop bringing up your product and PR'ing after every event if things are not going your way (or Sony's event) it doesn't put you in the best light. And yet they keep doing it.

Gamepass is good for them but they should be confident in their products to grow. The hardware is great, advertise third party games give PR on first party titles. Like jees.

I don't really play on Xbox anymore but, this annoys the hell out of me.

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I think it's the right direction for Microsoft, to try a new approach. Nintendo did it with the Wii in the past, it was the right thing because in a war of attrition Nintendo would come out the loser. They changed their course and it paid off tremendously for them. I believe that Microsoft has gone head to head with Sony but the battle is getting stale. By changing their direction, I believe Xbox is getting closer to its original pedigree and the one of the 360, xbox's best platform since its beginnings. I believe that by pushing games and availability of those games, they are going to come out winners. Perhaps their hardware sales will decrease, but the software is what really matters in the end, and those may very well end up drastically increasing. It will be important to follow software sales next gen due to this, to get a better idea of Microsoft's popularity going forward.

Alara317 said:
Oh man, I just imagined how awesome it'd be to have Xbox GamePass on PS4/5. I'm all excited all of a sudden!

Gamepass would cost more though since Sony would still want/need royalties. They don't do all the R&D and planning to sell hardware at break even or a small loss so you can play games on it for free. The 12% platform royalty per game is what makes the relatively cheap hardware possible. Of course if MS is going to hand over 12% of their gross game pass revenue to Sony, it could happen. And you probably still need ps+ to play gamepass games online :/

Leynos said:
Then why make a console at all?

Where else are they going to push GamePass? Nintendo doesn't have the hardware to run many of the GamePass games and remember how much Sony hated EA Access until years later they finally caved in? No way would Sony want the GamePass service on their platform, it would make PS Now pretty pointless unless they too started putting their games on there day one.

Releasing a console gives them a place to push the service and make a lot more money than they would elsewhere.