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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Gabe Newell favors Xbox

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JRPGfan said:
AsGryffynn said:

Being a portable console helps a lot. 

Its easier to carry there (to the dumpster)?

You kinda skipped the point, he's saying that how many tflops a console has doesnt make it a better one.
His proof, is he likes his switch.

You shouldn't need to excuse that logic or reasoning, with "its a portable", esp when it plays badly into the "throw into dumpster" part :p

It's one of the things that matter, but nobody expects 12 TF on a mobile device. It's a sum of several things. 

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Well least he learned to grow a beard to hide his neck fat.

Azzanation said:
DonFerrari said:

He could refuse to do interview if he wants to keep vacation, he could reply to "which is better" with either I don`t have a favorite or I won`t answer, he could reply to the "why" with I won`t go in details or list the features or points he value... a lot of alternatives to "because it is".

You haven`t accepted the praises to PS5 SSD that gave a lot of details but are really fast to embrace a "because it is" answer when in favor of Xbox right?

So you are saying that Gabe should never go on shows or attend any random interviews and announce his opinion? Remember its his opinion not yours. Everyone on this website continues to post all the positive feedback the PS5 has been getting from devs and the moment a major figure says something positive about the Xbox, people demand answers.. that says a lot doesn't it. I don't need the details from Gabe nore any devs for their appraisals, if they like something than good on them. 

No I didn`t say it. I was going against your excuses for him that he was on holidays, so he could refuse interview if that was a problem, so since he didn`t refuse that can`t be used as excuse. People that praised PS5 and got posted here gave their reason (and I could bet you were in disagreement over it), that is what we are requesting here that Gabe give his reason for preference, because saying "because it is" doesn`t cut out.

I haven't used the SSDs in either the Series X or PS5 so why would i praise something that isn't even out yet? Odd thing to add to this conversation don't you think? 

You haven`t even proved you really finished all those PS4 games you swear you finished so not sure what you want to mean here.

Chazore said:

I don't even know why he could even come to such a conclusion, as Gabe hasn't geared Source engine specifically towards any given console like Tim has been doing with UE, as well as not porting any of his games to current systems in recent years, and let's not forget that MS hasn't been buying shares of Valve either like Sony has with Epic.

The notion that Epic has more to gain holds more ground that the silly notion that "because it is" comment means Gabe has more to gain than Epic.

I find the idea in general funny, because it's clearly a mirrored backlash comment, when Epic was fawning over just the PS5, but we already know what Tim is like, so there really wasn't much to see other than his usual commentary. Gabe utters a few small words while staying in a quarantined country, and that's somehow exactly the same as Epic?, absolutely ridiculous. 

I think its rather funny too. Its interesting that people believe Gabe is being a sell out when i looked a few times and could not see Valves name in the Studios making games for Series X. Sure Xbox has been supporting Steam a lot more lately however Sony have games on Steam too, maybe not as many, but they still do it. Weather Gabe's answer was to counter Epic's Tim's comments or he just likes Series X like he did the WiiU due to his personal taste is unknown and shouldn't be considered a huge deal. If Miyamoto came out and said he likes Google Stadia and didn't give an answer to why, i wouldn't take it to heart.

You yourself listed on OP his speech could have been because of Tim Sweeney speaking in favor of PS5 due to Sony buying a very minor stake in Epic.

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