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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Over 3 years in, Switch is still missing basic features.

Eh, the only one of those that I miss is the activity log. I have 1000 devices that can do Netflix/Internet, no need for the Switch to have it (would be a nice feature, but nothing to cry about imo).

3DS' activity lock was the GOAT, I viewed mine almost daily (I think it was ironically my most opened 3DS app last time I checked), I wish they'd bring it to the Switch, the data is all stored there already, just let me see it.

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I agreed completely with the OP. Those features should be there on a connected device in 2020. And, the Bluetooth headset issue that others mentioned.... That's crazy on a portable device.

I used to use the browser on my WiiU all the time for walkthroughs and things for the game I was playing. The ability to easily see stuff online on the gamepad was a great feature, and it should be there on the Switch. That's probably the only one of the features I'd use. But, others certainly would use a lot of them, and I'd appreciate having the options.

Meh! You can live without those. All I want is compensation for the drifting joycons.

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I hope Nintendo never listens to OP and continues focusing on giving us a solid gaming console.

Nothing of what is listed is needed for a solid gaming experience except maybe VC, and we get a bunch of retro games through NO anyway.

Netflix was a big deal for me until I got a smart TV. Really I expect anything I connect to my TV to be able to stream most of these services, turns out the only thing I do connect are consoles and my laptop when needed but I prefer to not be forced to use my laptop. Nintendo can bring added value and appreciation from the customer side through putting in these efforts. Its not about whether it sells the console or not, but whether it improves people's relationship with the device and encourages them to use it more. I'm sure lots of people do not have smart TVs or even a chromecast so have to constantly switch devices whether it be an existing console or a laptop.

This was 7 years ago but Im sure the importance of gaming hardware to stream on TV is still very high

"PS3 is our largest TV-connected platform in terms of Netflix viewing, and this year, at times, even surpassed the PC in hours of Netflix enjoyment to become our number one platform overall. "

Virtual Console would be great, I'm not sure exactly what the hold up is.

I dislike achievements and dont reallz care about the other stuff.

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No worries

A lot of those features aren't really targeted at Nintendo's market, or are simply implemented in a different way (e.g. the Virtual Console has been replaced with NES/NES game bundles). It's actually refreshing to have a system *not* wire into social media platforms.

I don't care about most of the stuff you listed, but yeah an activity log would be nice, and I'd love it if miiverse made a comeback.

They already kind of allow it in Splatoon 2, but it was so cool to be able to see drawings and stuff for every game you played. Plus the ability to post a screenshot or video and ask for help with something in a game came in handy quite a few times for me.

And the miiverse messages in a bottle in Windwaker HD was so freaking cool! Man I miss it.

Of all the things you listed, most are pointless these days. Netflix (or any streaming service) on a console is truly meaningless as Smart TVs become the norm (have been for a while) so there is really nothing lost there. Net browsers have always been trash on console, and more of a hassle than any other medium it can be done on. Activity log is something I did not even know existed on other consoles, which shows how meaningful it really is. Achievements are hit or miss, as they are meaningless to those who do not hunt them. I never found value in them on PS4 or X1, so why would Switch be any different? All they do is add busy work that fks with people's ocd and often requires you to do tasks that are boring/stupid to unlock.

The only things you mentioned that need to be added, but aren't, would be native party chat, themes, and folders. It is truly mind boggling that these are not present. I give ethernet a nod as it would be very simple to have a port in the dock, but wifi tech has come a long way and I have had no problems. TBH the more pressing issue with online is the lack of quality servers and ancient P2P connectivity.

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Just gimme those achievements please. You already add them into some of your games, just make them link to your account... Smh Nintendo.