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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Gameplay for “The Medium”

Will try only cuz I have GamePass. Otherwise I probably wouldn't have done so.

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As a GP subscriber, I'm gonna give it a try, so long as reviews aren't terrible. If i didn't have GP, there's little chance that I would buy this game.

That's one of the great benefits of Gamepass - we try games that we otherwise wouldn't. Sometimes we find hidden (from us) gems this way..

Yeah, I would have likely not bought it or waited for a sale. I really enjoyed layers of fear. Played through it 3 times to get all the endings/achievements too. I haven't played any of their other games since though. Definitely one of the biggest advantages of GamePass.

I just finished "The Medium" and enjoyed it very much. Point&click adventures are still my favorite genre, so I didn't mind the lack of action or "a challenge".

The game reminded me of the first Silent Hill games and Alan Wake. The "red level" an Thomas's power also reminded me of "Control". "The Medium" would fit nicely into the "Control" canon as story-focused AWE (altered world event).

Thanks to DLSS the RT-performance was quite good the most part of the game (60 - 100 fps in most areas), but with some more hardware-heavy areas/scenes down to ~40 fps and a few very problematic seconds with heavy drops even below 10 fps.

Can't remember any other game with such a wide performance range, that smells like fixable software problems. I hope they fix these problematic scenes for the PC and Xbox versions with timely patches.

Some reviewers complained about the length of the game, but around eight hours ain't too short for that kind of game, IMHO. Silent Hill 1 - 4 and Alan Wake were in the same ballpark, also 8 - 10 hours.

Compared to Layers of Fear it is a huge jump for a small team like Bloober Team (but I haven't played Layers 2 or Observer yet).

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Good game with some technical flaws

Woah woah woah, Medium is in the 7’s

At least troll honestly

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Imagine being shutdown a single post later.

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axumblade said:

I'm about halfway through and it definitely did remind me a bit of Alan Wake, Silent Hill, and with bits from Control. I'm really enjoying it so far. I'll probably come back in here to talk about it when I finish. 

You're probably finished by now, so you are hereby cordially invited to come back here and talk about it either here or over on this thread where I offered my take! I would be interested in what your opinion was.

Only going on videos I have seen. As a full-priced game, this looks janky and horribly dull and boring. As a forgotten game in a few years in the bargain bin for cheap, it seems like then it will be a hidden gem. Latter is not an insult. People put Folklore down for PS3 but when people starting buying it used and cheap later down the road it gathered a small cult following for example. Sony marketed this game a fair amount leading up to PS3's launch.

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