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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Gameplay for “The Medium”

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Good game with some technical flaws

Woah woah woah, Medium is in the 7’s

At least troll honestly

Ryotsu said:

Imagine being shutdown a single post later.

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axumblade said:

I'm about halfway through and it definitely did remind me a bit of Alan Wake, Silent Hill, and with bits from Control. I'm really enjoying it so far. I'll probably come back in here to talk about it when I finish. 

You're probably finished by now, so you are hereby cordially invited to come back here and talk about it either here or over on this thread where I offered my take! I would be interested in what your opinion was.

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Only going on videos I have seen. As a full-priced game, this looks janky and horribly dull and boring. As a forgotten game in a few years in the bargain bin for cheap, it seems like then it will be a hidden gem. Latter is not an insult. People put Folklore down for PS3 but when people starting buying it used and cheap later down the road it gathered a small cult following for example. Sony marketed this game a fair amount leading up to PS3's launch.

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I gave up on it. Performance is horrible. Patch 1.1 gained nothing. My refund with 2.3 hours of gaming time was recently confirmed. I will go back to it, once they fix their game for RT and HDR. Lowest I could push was 12 frames in cutscenes.... and that's without the dual world stuff.

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