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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch owners, is your collection for it mostly first or third party?


I own more...

First Party 30 43.48%
Third party 39 56.52%

Bigger games are mostly Nintendo made, but I do have a lot of smaller indie games that even it out more.

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Indies are actually number 1, then Nintendo is probably number 2. Then AA third parties like Sonic Mania and YS VIII, then the big AAA stuff is a distant 4th (as those are mostly reserved for my XB One). 


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3rd parties at the most. And even though I wanted to play Zelda so hard at the start, I never thought of it as a mainly 1st party machine.

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The Switch's library is at a point where it has so many good games that I almost question anyone who has more first party then third party. I can definitely see some people only buying third parties on Steam or other platformers, though.

For publishers, Nintendo has the most. Overall, probably 3/4 are third party games.


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For me its the physical complete game party lol.

I reckon I am 50/50 maybe more 3rd party even



Third party.

I have only 5 first party games.

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Upon checking my collection, I own more third than first party games on every Nintendo system I own, even the Wii U, though my third party Switch library is already bigger than all of them except on Wii.

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I think I spent more on Nintendo games.
But I have far more third parties