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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch owners, is your collection for it mostly first or third party?


I own more...

First Party 30 43.48%
Third party 39 56.52%

First party.

That’s been true for most systems I own. I also have more first party games on my PS4 that I do third party.

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RolStoppable said:
GoOnKid said:

47 third party, 20 first party. However, some of those are hard to pin down like Dragon Quest 11 and Octopath Traveler. Nintendo published them and is listed as the publisher on the games overview screen on the Switch, so what are they? To me those are Square Enix games. The same applies for Snipperclips, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Astral Chain and Daemon X Machina. And where does Mario x Rabbids belong to?

However, the majority is third party anyway.

There's IP ownership, trademark ownership, copyright on the game itself. If any of those three are owned by Nintendo, then it's legally equal to an outright first party game where Nintendo controls all three aspects, because Nintendo gets to make the final call on which platforms the game can appear on.

Publishing duties don't mean anything, hence why DQ XI, Octopath Traveler and Daemon X Machina remain in the third party category.

Snipperclips, MUA3 and Astral Chain all have Nintendo's copyright on them. The Marvel IP obviously does not belong to Nintendo, but the game MUA3 does (same situation as Spider-Man on the PS4 where Sony owns the game, but not the Spider-Man IP). Astral Chain was co-developed by Nintendo as opposed to Snipperclips, but in the end it's first party all the same.

Mario + Rabbids is a collaboration between Nintendo and Ubisoft, and Ubisoft can obviously not do what they want with the game because the Mario IP on its own is already not theirs. It's the same thing as Pokken (with Bandai-Namco) and Fire Emblem Warriors (with Tecmo-Koei). All of those games have regional differences in who handled the publishing, but ultimately they belong into the first party category because none of the third party partners have control over the games, unlike in the examples of DQ XI, Octopath Traveler and Daemon X Machina which appeared on non-Nintendo platforms.

A particularly odd case is the Bayonetta series where Nintendo funded the second and third game which made those two titles Nintendo games (Nintendo has the copyrights for the games, does not own the IP) whereas the original Bayonetta was and is a Sega game. This is why you keep seeing the first Bayonetta get ported to non-platforms (most recently in a Bayonetta + Vanquish package), but Bayonetta 2 remains exclusively on Nintendo consoles.

Thank you.

As someone who uses Switch as my Primary console, most of my games are 3rd party. I buy just about every 1st party game, but always choose Switch for my 3rd party multiplats as well for the ability to play on the TV or in portable mode. The only games I buy on my PS4 Pro are games that do not make it to Switch, so the volume of 3rd party games still overshadows the already high number of 1st party games in the end.

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Tons of indie games on my Switch edging out the Nintendo titles, but not many games from any of the bigger 3rd party publishers apart from Ubisoft (Mario & Rabbits, Just Dance 2017 and Child of Light), Konami (Bomberman) and Capcom (Disgaea 5 complete),

I buy a ton of indiegames so I have a lot more third party games.

But in terms of big publishers Nintendo is the dominant one.

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I'm pretty close to an even split but I have slightly more third party games.

Out of my 26 physical games, 19 are first party (including Bayonetta 2, Astral Chain, the 2 Xenoblades and Pokemon let'sgo and sword)
So that's 73% of 1st party

Reguarding digital it's very much the opposite: of my 14 games 1 is first party for sure and 2 are harder to pin : Cadence of Hyrule and FAST RMX
So that's 14% of 1st party (counted Cadence as one but not fast rmx)

In total, out of 40 games, 21 are 1st party = 52.5%

I have just crossed the 100 game barrier for my Switch, with a majority being third party.

I do not have that many games in my library.
All my 5 physical games are first party and all but one of the digital games is third party titles so there are more third party games in my switch library.

Most of the digital games are very cheap. When it comes to spending money I think I've spent about half as much on the third party games compared to first party.

I said most first party in the poll. But if you add my digital games I have more thrid party.