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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch owners, is your collection for it mostly first or third party?


I own more...

First Party 30 43.48%
Third party 39 56.52%
Signalstar said:
Almost entirely 1st Party Nintendo.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe
The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
Bayonetta 2

The only 3rd party game I have is Ace Attorney Trilogy.

And that's a very good pick!

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I have 34 first party games however, my third party games are rather larger library, sooo 93% are late ported 8th gen games, remaster games and retro compilation games, and i have only 15 indie games.

In order like this: AAA 3rd party > 1st party > indies.

I have 33 games. 12 are first party, 20 are third party (16 indie, 4 ports of old games from major studios, 0 major third party games from the past 10 years), plus I have the paid version of Tetris 99, wherever that falls.

So yeah I go mostly for first party or $20 or less indie games, and occasionally old third party game that gets re-released.

Definitely third party. Don't think I'm interested in any first party games.

Of my 21 Switch games, only 4 are first party.

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Most of mine are 1st party games.

Bigger games are mostly Nintendo made, but I do have a lot of smaller indie games that even it out more.

Indies are actually number 1, then Nintendo is probably number 2. Then AA third parties like Sonic Mania and YS VIII, then the big AAA stuff is a distant 4th (as those are mostly reserved for my XB One). 


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3rd parties at the most. And even though I wanted to play Zelda so hard at the start, I never thought of it as a mainly 1st party machine.

The Switch's library is at a point where it has so many good games that I almost question anyone who has more first party then third party. I can definitely see some people only buying third parties on Steam or other platformers, though.