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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What is your favorite 7th Gen System?


What is your favorite 7th gen system?

Wii 16 25.81%
Xbox 360 17 27.42%
PS3 29 46.77%

Wii for me.
PS3 was great as well but Wii just holds a special place in my heart when it comes to gaming

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Seeing as the PS3 is my favorite Home Console of all time, it is an easy winner here.

For me the PS3 had the games, the features, and a price point that was unmatched. Spent hours on games from Multiple franchises, Killzone, Warhawk, Resistance, Uncharted, Motorstorm, Gran Turismo, and The Last of Us. Learned a massive amount about Linux and programming while it was available. Enjoyed Blu-ray Movies with the Family, and watched some amazing 3D content. Had unforgettable moments with Sports Champions 1 & 2, during parties.

PS3 in many ways is still a better platform than PS4 & XBO. If it had the RAM to run multiple apps and swifter access to the UI in game, it would still be my go to platform.

That said, I am really hoping Sony and Microsoft can really make some leaps with PS5 and XBS and finally surpass this beast.

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One of two generations for me where a non-Nintendo console wins. Not because the Wii was bad, on the contrary, Wii was great, though PS3 was even better. There are lots of great games on PS3, and multiple ended up being on my all-time favourites list. Though there's a Wii game that scores higher in that regard than any PS3 game, I'd say PS3 has the higher average of greatness. The 360 never interested me.

Xbox 360, good games, great gamepad, had fun times online back in the day.

Wait till they unleash the TRUE power of the Cell.

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Wii! I enjoyed it!

Worst gen to pick! Basically between the 360 and PS3 and with that in mind...

Easily the PS3.

1. Great multiplayer games with free online.
2. Fully backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2
3. Great singleplayer games, many exclusives.
4. Only broke on me once. (though once was enough for me to give up on it)

I had a lot of fun with games on both the Wii and PS3.  In the end I have to give it to the Wii though.  The Wii was actually trying to further gaming as a medium.  Motion controls are a huge untapped potential for all sorts of new gaming genres.  The PS3 mostly represents the stagnation of the gaming industry.  It's a shame that Nintendo doesn't make as many motion control games any more, because there is a lot of room to grow in that area.

PS3 was the only system that I owned of the 3 options, and I did enjoy using it a bunch, so by default my answer is the PS3.

PS3 hands down. I loved the 1st party games and Metal Gear Solid 4 being and exclusive 3rd party game was the reason I picked it over the 360. Despite 360 having better western 3rd party support overall, PS3 was my console of choice.

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