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14 physical. That doesn't include TLOU digital PS4 bundle, 5 years of PS Plus games, any DLC, or games shared between friends. A few Plus games are duplicates of prior purchases.

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101 total, 25 or so physical.

62 physical games. Digital, who knows, can't count them since they're digital... Over 60 digital PSVR games alone.
Actually I've bought more than 62 physical games, that's the amount I still have. I have traded some in.

according to PSN Profile 374 PS4 games. that includes 17 Playstation Plus games my physical sits at 65 way down on the PS3 count of 200 -300.

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An embarrassing number I'm sure, Somewhere between 300 and 550 after weeding out the freebies and vr experiences, likely around the 400 mark. ouch.


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d21lewis said:
Have to look when I get home but I think over a hundred not counting free stuff.

so since you're to cheap to buy physical games do your shoplifted games count as instore purchases or free stuff?

i own 15 but probably played beat and platinumed 25-30


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I have 95 physical games and 290 unique digital games (half of digital is PS+ purchase).

All Digital.

My library is at 651 right now. That is split between PS4, PSVR, F2P, and PS+. 42 titles are PS+. I am planning to add at least 5 more between now and PS5 release.

Bonus: My PS Video library is at 784 Movies, and 127 TV Seasons.

I'm more than ready to grab that Digital PS5 Day One.

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