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Forums - Sony Discussion - How many videogames have you bought for PS4 ?

I have bought 74 in total (physical/digital). What about you ?

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It is hard to tell. I think
75 discs, 328 digital (less than 50 are purchased I guess, and always with deep discount, most are PS+ freebies)

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Hmm just 19 in total physical+digital, uhh i lack of 1st party games, just at least 4. The rest of them are timed exclusives/third parties.

Pff too hard to tell honestly.

I would guess between 40 and 50.


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30+ and played over 50 games on it. Which are pretty good numbers since I only owned it for a little over a year and its my secondary console.

86 physical games.

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+60 physical
??? Digitally..honestly I dont remember.

Is there an easy way to see a list of all your bought digital games from the PS store? Like how Steam has a list of your games.

I have 19 at present. It's the most I ever owned for any PlayStation system, by far (I think I only ever owned only six for the PS1 and maybe four for the PS2, though I do recall renting other games for them when blockbuster was still around).

Of my PS4 games, 11 of them are full exclusives, and two of them are/were timed exclusives.


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