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Add vita's rear touchpad to the switch's joycon. Best controller ever.

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I would like a controller that lasts for the entire generation without stick drift, triggers not going 100% anymore, sticky triggers, d-pad problems.

I like the idea of a controller that splits apart. The joy cons are a bit too small for my liking, but it was nice not to have to hold my hands together all the time while playing botw.

Nr 1 needed improvement, analog stick on move controllers. The nr 1 thing holding psvr back.

I just want Switch 2 and Xbox Series X to have a good D-Pad. Is that too much to ask for?

Zelda fans are the worst 

I’d like if controllers had essential oil diffusers. Say like a cartridge that contains 16 scents. You’d buy the one for a particular game.

Probably make more sense to have a separate device wirelessly setup to release the scent for each level.

I know this was thought of years ago and it’s an impractical idea. But I’d be for it. I don’t want tire and gas smells in GTA. But hooker perfume would be nice. Or air freshener for your favorite ride. Luxury plane have the “new” smell. One area might smell like cedar. Another area could smell like mint.

Never gonna happen but it’d be interesting.

Maybe some of these have already been done, but I haven't experienced them before and I'd really like these features:

Fingerprint scanner to activate online account/store to prevent hacking. I hate logging in by scroll clicking password keys. Make it work like the back of my Pixel 2 please and thank you.

All character save data stored to controller. I want to go play with a friend of mine on his version of my game in multiplayer? I bring my controller and my custom character is already ready to go. Would be great for Smash Bros., Halo, or really any multiplayer game.

No more headsets. The Bluetooth controller comes with built in mic and speakers that are superb quality and only capture your voice (it blocks sounds more than 3 feet away).

Complete customization of controller with random parts available online for order. I want a giant left stick that's like green and has memory foam texture? Done. I want a RB button that is made of sway material and makes no sound when I click? Done. No more of this standardized equipment. I'll spend more money on parts a la cart and have my own special, unique controller that confirms to the way I want to play games.

Wireless charging from 10 feet away from the charger. If I play 10 feet away or less that means it's always charging even when I play and therefore I don't have to charge it or change batteries (without playing or plugging in while playing) again.

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Some QOL enhancers like back buttons, more adaptive inputs, and wireless charging would be nice, but those feel small to me in comparison to innovations that go beyond the traditional gamepad. It would be nice if eye tracking for instance matured as an input; that could open up some interesting possibilities in speed, precision, and performance. Then of course there's the still infant field of neural interfaces, be it a wearable like those CTRL Labs and Neurable are working on or something even more intimate way down the line like what Neuralink is working on.

A feature that all controllers lack (except gamepad) is the ability to turn on and off the tv display! Priceless.

Paddles at the back of the controller or 6 face buttons.

Infrared camera/s for tracking head movement at the bottom for augmented reality. Real-time head tracking ingame for greater immersion. A bit like Pseudo VR where the camera follows your line of sight. Would be like if you are looking through a window of your TV/monitor.

Wireless QI charging.

I think controllers are fine the way they are, the more options can lead to being more expensive and at the end of the day, buying controllers shouldn't hurt the bank. Little adjustments like the XB1 and DS Haptic feedback triggers are great additions.

I would like to see more controllers include the Voice Microphone into the design rather than putting on a head set just to speak, glad the Duel Sense is doing it, hopefully others follow suit.

Controllers for standard gaming consoles I think basically have peaked. There needed to be a more accessible option for computing and gaming and multitouch on the iPhone basically took care of that and is a new computing interface standard.

I think the next real big leaps are not in traditional screen-based gaming but in Virtual Reality. That's where there is going to be tremendous growth in the next 20-30 years, things like haptic gloves that give sensatory feedback, maybe even body suits, walk pads/treadmill type multidirectional devices, etc. etc. etc.

Traditional screen based gaming is like the automobile, you can make a car that doesn't use a steering wheel, but really does anyone even want that.