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Xbox 360 Elite at launch (April 2007) Nintendo guy up until that point then the Wii motion controls turned me off. The black look and 120 gb HD made this seem like the heavy duty Xbox meant to go against the PS3 (plus it was over $100 cheaper!) so I never considered to buy the launch models.

I had fond memories playing Halo over at my cousins and Gears of War looked too good to pass up. Bought Gears of War and Halo 1 and 2 to play via BC until Halo 3 came out. What a feeling 2007 was to be a Xbox gamer.

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PS2.... it was late into it, it was cheap.
Why the PS2? it had a pretty great library of games.

The PS3. I still even remember the day and the date I did buy it. January 30th 2009. It was $399 back then. I wanted to go for the seventh gen already, and with my history on being with Sony consoles, I already made my mind with PS3 because it had the game series I enjoyed in the past: Ratchet & Clank, Metal Gear Solid. Granted, GTA IV was multiplatform this time, but I didn't care. I didn't feel compelled to go for the Xbox 360, especially with those failure rates.

The first console I bought with my own money was the PS1, which I bought in 1998 after getting my first job. The entire reason I even bothered buying one in the first place was one game: Final Fantasy VII. Had Final Fantasy remained on Nintendo systems, I never would have bothered with the PS1.

I bought an N64 shortly thereafter, and the reason I waited to get one is because my best friend already had one and I played it at his house all the time.

Wii U It was the first console I bought all with my own money. I bought it because of Mario Kart 8. Even though it was a failure, I still love its small but strong library.

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Wii U.
My family or I had owned all the Nintendo platforms from GBA through 3DS. I wanted the Wii U for Mario Kart and Smash. I got it a few weeks after Mario Kart 8 launched. Unfortunately, Wii U failed to impress in many ways. But I bought myself a Switch and PS4 Pro since then.

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I think it was the GameCube for me as well, as either my mother or stepfather would buy anything else either for themselves or for me before that (and plenty after that, up until the PS4 at least) because they were interested in games. Could be that I bought a GBA before that.

I only got a GameCube after it price-dropped to €99 when The Wind Waker had released. Got it with Luigi's Mansion and Mario Sunshine, and got Wind Waker and Mario Kart shortly after. In the end I ended up with a decently sized library for it, a bigger one than I ended up with for WiiU and PS4, even when I shifted towards PC gaming at the time after being disappointed by three of those four flagship Nintendo titles.

The main reason for me getting it was, beside neither of my parents getting one (they were into Dreamcast, which was great) before that, was because even if I had reservations about The Wind Waker, a new Nintendo console gets a new Zelda game.

Like I said though, this could all be untrue, because I could have bought a GameBoy Advance before that. The problem is I don't really recall why, when or how I got that system. In my memory it had just spawned into my life, no questions asked. I do know that I wanted to play the SNES classics on it that I used to play at my aunt's house when I was a kid, and those are the bulk of my library. That felt like it was a millions years ago at that time, though obviously, now it has been twice as long since I played on my GBA than it was when back then I was nostalgic about playing stuff from the NES and SNES. Funny how that works. Anyway many years later I regretted not getting more of the GBA's library after playing through Metroid Fusion and Fire Emblem on 3DS.

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SNES, when I was like 7 or 8.

It was my neighbor's system, and he sold it to me with like 10 games or so, for 60 bucks, cus his mom was forcing him to get rid of his video games. Not a very nice lady, but it worked out pretty nice for me.

For me it was the Wii. I bought it three years after launch and enjoyed it very much. Never got into the Wii sports/motion titles though but the other games were excellent either way.

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Xbox 360. Bought it with money from my first after school job in high school. Every console/handheld before that was either a Christmas or birthday present. I chose 360 over PS3 and Wii because I loved the OG Xbox and Halo especially.