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How do you rate TLOU2 in a whole?

1 2 5.41%
2 0 0.00%
3 2 5.41%
4 1 2.70%
5 5 13.51%
6 10 27.03%
7 1 2.70%
8 2 5.41%
9 5 13.51%
10 9 24.32%

I hope this game sells gangbusters to fly in the face of the toxic hypocrisy of the extremists. Fools cannot be helped.

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That first real human gunfight... whoah. Holy tits, man was that unbelievably cool. Funny how adding more animations, audio interactions and what not makes AI seem more real and emergent even though it's just really the same AI we've seen before and then all the animations that get rolled out when in close range or melee. All capped off by that Nolanesk score blaring, Man, I picked the right time to put on headphones cause that blew my mind. Best Gunplay section in a third person game I've ever played regardless of the stealth. That was fucking next level stuff.

Character interactions are still pissing me off, I don't know how they managed to make the aftermath of a gunfight cringey but they did and that's me done until my cringe levels receed. If it wasn't for these writers, I'd be pumped to shove in another hour.


China Numba wan!!

LivingMetal said:
I hope this game sells gangbusters to fly in the face of the toxic hypocrisy of the extremists. Fools cannot be helped.



China Numba wan!!

I forgot to mention if anyone is on the fence and hates frame pacing your out of luck, infact the frame rate is ass on PRO by default but it really stutters at times, enough to make you hesitate and get you killed if you're playing on hard or above. If it weren't for the smooth motion Ai on my TV I'd be really fucking pissed off, it doesn't stop the stutters but it smooths out everything in between and of course the PRO is revving up now, It didn't start until the first location change and got a little louder and then again in an Ai intensive scene and got so loud I had to put on a headset cause I couldn't hear my relatively loud TV with the white noise coming out of it. Good news is it doesn't rev like that all the time like in Doom Eternal or RDR2.


China Numba wan!!

Well for the first time ever a game really got to me. The first one was close, but this has made me a bit of a mess right now. I need to lay down a bit.

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DonFerrari said:
PotentHerbs said:
I got in 4 - 5 hours last night. Playing on hard difficulty.

On a technical level, TLOU: Part II has no rivals, the detail and polish is unmatched. The animations set industry standards. The facial expressions are incredible. Even squeezing through crevices feels next gen lol. Graphically it is the best console game I have ever seen. It really makes you think what ND can accomplish with 10TF.

The gameplay has absolutely been taken to another level. There's more vertically, with the ability to jump, adding a dimension of platforming which enhances exploration/scavenging. The guitar mini game is surprisingly fun. It makes great use of the touchpad! Gunplay feels tight and melee combat is a lot more engaging with the dodge mechanic. Although it took me a while to get used to it. Stealth is a lot better, with more variety, and you can also prone. The world design is great. Its still semi linear but it is more open with branching pathways. There is an open world level and it is impressive. There are collectibles, weapons, gear, side stories, rather than just items you can use to craft. Also, the encounters and set pieces are much improved too.

It feels like ND took everything they learned from UC4/TLOU/TLL and put it all together for TLOU: Part II.

Removed a portion of your excellent view on the start of the game. Please also edit your original since that could be considered spoiler.

I got you. Just edited my comment.

SecondWar said:

I had similar problems. Pre-ordered it at the end of April during lockdown when I had no idea if shops would be open to get the game in release day. I bought it alongside Ghost of Tsushima. The email confirmation said it would be delivered between 17th and 20th of July (Tsushima’s release date). That got me a bit worried.

Sucks. If I knew earlier that I was ordering from a non UK company I would have sucked up the few extra pounds and gone on Amazon. Now we wait Oh well, lesson learned. Can you not change the GoT preorder?

Doesn’t look like I can. TLOU arrived today rather than July so I was ok, just annoying that it came at dinner time rather than earlier as it limits my play time.

Just got to the first big plot point. Feeling some more backstory is required for the villain but I’m guessing that’s going to come later (at least I hope it does). 

John2290 said:
LivingMetal said:
I hope this game sells gangbusters to fly in the face of the toxic hypocrisy of the extremists. Fools cannot be helped.


It’s a reference to the backlash against the game following the leaks of the plot a few weeks ago.

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8 hours on the ticker, it took the best part of my day and I did fuck all else inbetween. Man, this is one hell of a game, I still can't comment on the narrative cause not that much has happened yet but the first two hours was really, really good and well done. It's definitely the best "game" ND has made but it's such a pity they falter in one area that is so in your face and that's the teen drama dialouge that really tainted my first six hours.

The main side character, Diiiiiina, finally shut up and dropped the shit but it's already done, ND went with the Left behind feel for a good chunk of the start of this mainline game and it's all it took to taint something so absolutely brilliant in almost every other aspect. I even knew one of the story beats I'd been spoiled on and it was still brilliant but this Dina character and hers and Ellies age does not fit with what themes they created. They should have aged Ellie up a bit more and written accordingly cause it's mind numbingly cringey.

They completely misinterpreted their audience and instead went for the small section of the diagram that crosses over with life is strange players. Sure hey, I'm only eight hours in with serious attention to areas and taking it slow, perhaps this will be alliviated in time and this bitch Dina will die in some really ironically cringey way, I can only hope.

I'm not sure whst my final score for this game will be but I can't see it going south of an eight and likely higher if this bitch Dina gets the fuck out the way or redeems her airhead, trivial self. My god she's an awful character and she pulls Ellie down with her and on Ellie, she could have been beefed up a slight bit, not quite as much as Abby but it's slightly unbelievable at times when Ellie makes some actions, She's a wee twig yet I haven't found it ruin my immersion like in other games yet, they really pushed agility over strength and it works a good chunk of the time, enough of the time but there are a few times when logic triggers and something that's supposed to be serious becomes comical.

The gunplay though, I've found myself hitting restart envounter just cause they're so cool and emergent between stealth and full on war or at least seemingly emergent, I'm unsure if it's an illusion or not but sure whatever, it's so fucking cool regardless. Right up their with MGS:TPP but so much more fluid.


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The virus in The Last of Us is significantly worse than Corona oO What would you do to survive a dark apocalypse?

Its hard to say, because our real world would be just as hard without laws as in The Last of Us1/2. Maybe I would do anything to protect good people and those I love. What do you think?

I find the first 3 hours very impressive, the gameplay is a lot of fun and the story is interesting too.

Game of the Year 2020: Ghost of Tsushima, Persona 5 Royal or The Last of Us 2 ?!