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I'm around 11-12 hours in and I'm enjoying the game so far but I feel like it's a step down in terms of characters and narrative from the first game so far. The first few hours start off strong in this regard but after 7 or 8 hours the narrative seems to lose all momentum and characters fall to the wayside.
The gameplay so far is doing a pretty decent job at keeping things fresh, consistently adding in new elements to keep things interesting. In this regard the game improves on certain aspects of the first.
So far I'm mixed on the level design, some areas work very well but some areas are too big and kind of confusing to get around. I enjoyed the first very large open area the game allows you to explore because the game gives a map to help with navigation and marks areas of interest on the map. A lot of other smaller open areas lack this and are kind of frustrating to get around in at times.
Overall my impressions are more positive than negative so far, it's a very good game but it's not living up to the original so far.