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John2290 said:
Immersiveunreality said:

Watching playthroughs from Angry Joe and Marz on youtube/twitch and judging from that:

It is a 6/10 from me so far,wonderfull environments and much attention to detail.
Gameplay looks a bit dull/outdated/not improving enough .
The story and the writing are just not good imo and i think it is such a bad design choice to force players to play the game as a character that you first learn to dislike a lot,structurewise this is a broken story.

Anyway it would make me depressed to actually play it

You're missing a LOT, playing it is so fun. It might have the best level design of a real world setting ever  it's the best mix of linear slash ope world I seen anyway, something Metro Exodus attempted but here it's implemented insanely well. The bit after the first open area before the tunnel that is more linear but still kinda open is such a joy to play through and the direction within it is second to none. The gameplay is beyond fun though, the human gun battles are incredible. I agree the story is weak, revenge esk and nothing is really happening in between so far but I hear the conclusion makes up it work if the reviewers can be belived. From what I've been spoiled on I could see why if that's true also. There is a vast difference between watching someone play this game game and actually playing it, trust me you'd raise your score but is it a ten? Nah, likely not, it's too tainted with the story, character dialogue and stretches of nothing that ruin any pacing. Is it a fun game to play? It's beyond fun, it's addicting. 

This kind of gameplay does not fit me and i always invest much importance in the story and would truly feel like shit been forced to do what some characters do and from what i have seen and read it does not pay off for myself,i'm not really into shockvalue without decent purpose added on top of a shallow story.

If it wants to try and teach a moral lesson in a game it should have been better constructed but this comes of as pretentiously lazy imo,if i was into this kind of gameplay i would rate it around 7-8 maaaaaybeee but mostly because of how well crafted everything looks.

The life is strange like dialogue irritates me and i do think life is strange had better dialogue,it often does not feel mature.

Anyway despite my criticism on a game i did not play i still hope it does well and that enough people ARE able to enjoy it,i'm not into the whole cancellculture and missteps can be forgiven and learned from.What sucks the most is that again a game with females and more diversity is tied to negativity and some will think the world is against them.