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So far I'm really ey enjoying it. I'm loving the slow pace (Atm) I'm just trying to get to the TV station to find a women called leah. But the atmosphere, story and setting is just so good. Naughty Dog have no doubt (along with The Last Of Us) just set the bar for a realistic post apocalyptic world, everywhere I look I just think to myself, 'this is how things would be, this is how the world would look' I'm not just talking about factions of people being created and people killing to survive, but the way nature has been allowed to fight back and take over all the man made concrete jungles, it looks so good and realistic.
The combat is also brutally satisfying, but like the with the world, it's just a realistic view of how the world would be.

I honestly can't find much wrong with the game so far.

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