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Forums - Gaming Discussion - In your mind, what will the Xbox SX conference have to do to beat the PS5 conference?

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Answer the damned question!

Fantastic games 65 51.18%
100% backwards compatible with every Xbox 3 2.36%
VR Support 3 2.36%
Shockingly low price 21 16.54%
There's NOTHING they can do 31 24.41%
Other (please explain) 4 3.15%

^Look above.

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It’s super easy for Xbox to have a better event for me. All they have to do is show their first parties games that we know are coming, reveal their new first party ip(s) and to have more Japanese support even if it isn’t exclusive. I also hope they show some games that we already know about such as tales of arise. I was planning on getting the PS5 at launch and Xbox later on but now I’m having second thoughts and this event could be the decision maker for me.

They really need to step away from their trinity. They already leaned entirely towards halo infinity wich is not entirely bad. Show the gameplay, show the difference on series x and why you need a series x. this should be a very small part of their conference in my opinion. Halo gears and forza wont excite the average gamer who is not an xbox fan.

What xbox has to show is what the hell all those studios have been working on. Even if they are not out withing the first year, they need to show the world that xbox is not only halo/gears/forza. And by this I dont mean show a bunch of games that are playable on a 360. Cuz frankly thats the perception the xbox has with all the recent acquisitions, just to pad out the line up with smaller stuff in between the big 3. So basicly they need to show that theres at least a future of different AAA experiences coming to the xbox.

Do I believe this will be enough? No. Even if that happens, their quality is still to be proven while we can almost guaranty quality from sonys big ip's. Plus you have to think of the playstation brand name across the world. No matter what they show, be it better or not, they cant overcome that, but if its really good they can at least match it.

I always thought that the best marketing any company can do is history and not pr. Sadly that takes time. So if you deliver this gen, it might not increase sales much, but it will increase sales for the next gen. And sadly xbox has not delivered for the past gen and a half while sony has so thats history that canot be changed with a big show this one time.

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d21lewis said:
RolStoppable said:

I guess I am supposed to answer the thread title, not your silly question in the original post. As if anything Xbox could ever get me excited.

The PS5 conference set a low bar. People learned that they'll be able to play a Spider-Man expansion and some Astrobot software that Sony doesn't dare to charge money for. While the hype is still fresh, it can't take too long until people realize that none of Horizon 2, Gran Turismo 7, Ratchet & Clank and Demon's Souls got a 2021 release window. So what Microsoft needs to do in the first party games department:

"Here's Halo Infinite. This version was built from the ground up for XSX. You'll be playing it this holiday season."
"And here's Forza Motorsport 8. Same as Halo."

PS5 already wrecked. Apparently people care about what they can play in the near future.

Microsoft can show trailers of first party titles that are far out, like Hellblade 2. It's not like Sony managed to put any pressure on Microsoft with all their TBD titles.

Then go over a bunch of AAA third party multiplats and keep repeating that the best console version of every game shown will be on the XSX. Close out the show with the price of the console and drive the point home that the XSX won't cost more than the PS5.

Game Pass in the middle somewhere.

The bottom line is that realistically Microsoft couldn't have asked for a better PS5 event. Sony's only two top studios that could have had a killer app ready anytime soon were Guerilla Games and Polyphony Digital (both released games in 2017, as opposed to all others who released games in 2018-2020), and neither one of them is capable of hitting a 2021 release date by the looks of it. The hype machine for Sony's ultra fast SSD couldn't demonstrate any games to back it up. A large portion of the PS5 event was padding, plus not much gameplay was shown. Microsoft is in a good position here. Instead of the huge question being how they can compete with, let alone beat a behemoth, it's now a rather basic premise of simply don't mess it up, because a lot of things have been lining up.

No mention of the hat in the title, though...

You say Microsoft just doesn't have to mess up but people lose their shit over anything Sony does. Just revealing the PS5 logo made some people orgasm. Microsoft has to do better than "just don't mess up" to impress those people. Something crazy unexpected like partner up with Sega. They need "a megaton".

This people never leave Sony, so Microsoft has nothing for them. They even defend Sony moneyhating games now but critic Microsoft for the same.

Sorry for my bad english.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

Do they need to beat Sony's conference or beat Sony's console?  Those are two very different questions.  For the past couple of years I've been hearing Microsoft had the best show at E3.  Meanwhile their console sales are in the toilet.  Microsoft is really good at being "showy".  They figure out tricks like showing off a bunch of third party games first even though those same games are going to also be on Playstation.  So people say that have the best show and then turn around and buy a Playstation anyway.

The #1 thing a company can do to make their system successful is have great exclusive games.  For Microsoft this would be even better if they have exclusives that really show of their hardware capabilities and are also available in the first 12 months after launch including a launch exclusive that is at least as good as Spider-Man.  I think Sony has the long term advantage in game development with their SSD, but it's also going to be a few years before we really start seeing games that make full use of it's capabilities.  That means Microsoft has the advantage in the short term because their system is technically more powerful.  They need games (ideally really fun games) that show that off. 

Here are some other things that will put Microsoft on top.  If they did all of the things I'm suggesting they could launch with price parity and still crush Sony.

1) Leverage Minecraft to keep people from PS5.  They could say, "We are promoting cross-play with all of our platform partners."  Who would be their partners?  Series X, PC, Switch, and Mobile.  Everything but PS5.  On top of that they need to update the console versions of Minecraft to include the most popular mods from the PC.

2) Have Rockstar come out and announce GTA6 as a timed exclusive.  It will come to Series X one year before PS5.

3) Keep having a steady stream of exclusive games.  This is especially true for the first couple of years.  Eventually enough third party games will release, and that will be the main driver of sales, but in the first couple of years they can really distinguish themselves from Sony with exclusive content.

If they did everything I suggested, then they would crush Sony in Generation 9.  If they only do some of the things then they'd be competitve, assuming price parity.  On the other hand if their conference mostly shows a lot of third party games and maybe just a couple of exclusives, most games don't have a soon release date, and they've got nothing at launch that can compete with Spider-Man, then Sony is going to hand their ass to them again.

Let's just get this out of the way: at least in sales, they're never gonna beat Sony worldwide. Right now, the best thing they can do is have a conference next month where people with a "Microsoft won E3" mindset. Better games, noticably more impressive hardware, a few tricks that Sony hasn't thought of yet, a mind-blowing game pass announcement, maybe a partnership with a prominent company. Something that gets the attention off of Sony and getting everyone to talk about M$.

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Oh and the price of the Series X and announcing games that will be available to play at launch would be good as well


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LurkerJ said:
Why are we pretending that MS didn't have a next-gen centered conference? I understand that it was a disappointment, but you can't brush it off just because it was webcam quality.

What are you taking about. Stop speaking in riddles, man!

Twitter: @d21lewis

Sony's "E3" presentation was one of the better ones I've seen, because it rapidly showed off games, and I thought the vast majority were interesting.
That's not to say it was my favorite presentation, because that comes down to which games are shown.
Or that it would be difficult for MS to top that presentation. If they do the same thing, but show more interesting games, I'd like their presentation better.

But unless the Xbox console gets more games I want throughout its lifespan than what will be on Playstation, then I won't feel the need to get one.
So if MS announce that let's say Persona 6 and Nier: Automata 2 were XSX exclusives for the whole generation, I'd probably get one.

RolStoppable said:

The hype machine for Sony's ultra fast SSD couldn't demonstrate any games to back it up.

The switching between dimensions in Ratchet, loading in big completely different worlds in quick succession was definitely demonstrating the SSD.
Made me wonder what other interesting gameplay applications it can have. Though it's main purpose will probably be to save dev time, not being forced to work around inherent level design issues that have been around for a few generations, and instead put that time towards improving other areas of the game. Not as marketable as something you can immediately point to in a trailer, but if games become better/more polished as a result, people will appreciate it.

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I'm probably not the person anyone here wants the opinion of on this matter, given how weird my tastes are considered to be, BUT I will just say that, honestly, I'll probably actually get a Series X first, I think. Like a Series X this year and a PlayStation 5 next year, something like that. That is, based on the libraries for each we've seen so far anyway. I remain open to persuasion!

The deal for me is that while there are quite a few more games coming to the PlayStation 5 that I want, unfortunately not many appear to be slated for like within the next 12 months. By contrast, I can think of three games confirmed for the Series X -- Call of the Sea, Bright Memory Infinite, and The Medium -- that I both want to play and are on track for release within the next year. The must-have PlayStation 5 titles for me are Stray, Solar Ash, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Goodbye Volcano High, but those are all slated for 2021 releases, and most likely later in the year. Also, I want to punish Sony for their pretentious, overly-stylized system design by at least waiting around for some more appealing color options.

That's my opinion as of this date, based strictly on what games we know of as yet. Subject to change!

As to how Microsoft can make the Series X wind up as my in-the-end preference over the course of the next console generation though, the answer is just to announce more games for it. Namely more original games, preferably single-player. Also, I care nothing for franchises like Halo and Forza and Gears of War, sorry. Just not my bag.

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Rafie said:
Kyuu said:

Announce KotOR Remake (vs Demon's Souls)
True NextGen Halo Infinite version (vs Horizon)
True NextGen Forza (vs GT7)
True NextGen Banjo-Kazooie (vs Ratchet)
Gears standalone expansion coming this year (vs Spider-Man)
Loads of 3rd party games, timed exclusives, and smaller 1st party games.

And even then, the hype wouldn't match Sony's event because Microsoft's problem goes deeper; their studios are no longer known for their high quality. This is just the way it is until they step up and start actually producing games that sell and score very well.

The two areas where they can realistically outplay Sony are backwards compatibility and launch lineup.

All of that would be great, however you'll just be matching whatever Sony did in their conference. Also don't forget Sony showed that actual console with their conference. They (Sony) played the long game and waited. It worked. D21Lewis was right tho. Xbox would have to go beyond what PS5 did for their conference for people to see that as a win over PS5. I can still see people finding fault in Xbox games just like folks now finding fault in PS5's offerings. So in the end, I'm not sure if it's anything outside of something major that Xbox could do. The price is something to think about. I bet we won't hear anything about prices from either until like September.

Still I like your suggestion. I would play KoTOR over Demon Souls. Banjo-Kazooie would have to be on the level or better with Ratchet & Clank. We already seen how marvelous the last game was. More than likely it'll be the same. Forza vs GT7 would be a hell of a dog fight. We know Forza will deliver. I mean it's easily one of the best racing sims ever. So is GT, but Forza became better than them over the years. A Gears standalone won't be enough to combat the iconic series that is Spiderman. Especially after the last game for Spidey. I would still be excited for Gears tho.

Yeah I was trying to demonstrate just how difficult it is for MS to generate more hype than Sony. I mean what even are the chances of both a proper KotOR Remake and a new AAA Banjo-Kazooie making the event? To say nothing of Microsoft's current image as game developers; they're simply not in the same league as Sony or Nintendo whose games are dominating aggregated scores and/or selling incredibly well.

Now to the hardcore Xbox fan who doesn't give a hoot about Playstation or "surprises", none of it really matters, as they have inherently decided that Microsoft won without them lifting a finger. Take MadzGaming for instance, he had the audacity to claim PS5's event wasn't better than XSX's May event in terms of content, much to his fans' agreement. Some people are so out of touch with reality.