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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sega real big announment actually "Fog Gaming ", An Arcade Cloud system for local arcade. It's really big it will replace local arcade

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What do you think

Actually this is big if a... 1 4.55%
DO people still play arcade ? 8 36.36%
Maybe in Japan 10 45.45%
This is big for Asia 2 9.09%
I am in, i still playing ... 1 4.55%

Lame and dumb but I did predict it could be arcade related so there we go. I love arcades but this is dumb.

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It ... sure is a thing.

I'm content with the fact at least we still have one arcade in our neighbor town with Time Crisis 4 on it, haha.

As for the arcade market in Japan, good for Sega I guess. Although, I wonder how this will impact the rhythm game community there.

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It's a cool idea. Won't really have any impact in America and it was vastly overhyped... but a good idea.

But so many arcade games depend on specific and unique control inputs.

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Signalstar said:
But so many arcade games depend on specific and unique control inputs.

When they talk about using the arcades outside hours, perhaps they are going to sell the processing power and make extra revenue.

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I'm gonna wait to see how well it works over in Japan before passing my judgement.

Sega putting out two things, mostly Japanese focused...

Can't say I'm surprised, but at the same time I should have expected this level of disappointment.

After the deal they did with EGS, and these two announcements, I feel like Sega's taken multiple steps backward.

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Well, okay I guess. Can’t say I was expecting to be blown away.