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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sega real big announment actually "Fog Gaming ", An Arcade Cloud system for local arcade. It's really big it will replace local arcade

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What do you think

Actually this is big if a... 1 4.55%
DO people still play arcade ? 8 36.36%
Maybe in Japan 10 45.45%
This is big for Asia 2 9.09%
I am in, i still playing ... 1 4.55%

Is this a joke? I mean, if it were the 1st April then I'd be 100% sure it was. It just sounds like an April fools "joke" except it isn't 1st April.

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RolStoppable said:
If that's really it, then it's safe to conclude that Nishikawa considers the PS5 really, really lame. That would at least cover his comparison with the PS5 scoop, but still leaves the question how this will rile up the game industry.

Shake up arcade Industry in Japan, some lost translation probably. But it's actually big. Arcade store dont have to pay a lot of money to buy and change the hardware. Cloud actually good for retail arcade and mass amusament place. 

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KLXVER said:
Soren0079 said:
This will be really big for casinos. Truly huge for them and SEGA.
Arcades outside Japan will be able to get more Japanese games without the need to import expensive machines. This will increase their profits and lower their expenses. It may help prop up the struggling arcades gaming market in Japan.
But more than anything this will be huge for casinos, which is where SEGA started so it's apt that they've done this for their 60th.

Sure, but it will also mean old and dirty machines. Also most of them will look the same. The machine itself is a work of art, but with this most of them will probably just be single color machines to make sure they fit different games.

probably the main hardware will be the same, but the input controller, screen,  and accessories will be different depend on the games.  

Sounds awesome but a shame arcades are dead in the US. We all knew the MS stuff was BS but these announcements are meh as fuck. The micro Game Gear or whatever with only four games for each model, yuck.

Arcades are dead everywhere except Japan. This does nothing to resurrect them and maybe only helps save them in Japan. Sure you have Dave and Busters and Putt Putt Golf locations that have arcades but since the late 90s (when home consoles started catching up to arcade machines) no one here gives a shit about arcades in the USA. Dave and Busters sucks because you never know what you are spending because of their in store credits unless you do the math. Frankly I hope Dave and Busters goes out of business with the covid crisis.

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This may make a lot easier for places to offer newer games. In Brazil most of our arcades are like 20 years old.

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Well that reporter who hyped it up, pretty sure his credibility is irreparably non existent

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They are makeing a cloud streaming service for japanese arcades ?
And they have mini pocket gameing devices with 4 games on each?

Lmao.... this is so sad, its almost depressing.
That journalist buildt hype levels up waaaaaaaaaay to high.

So I was right(mostly):

1. New Arcade tech
2. Not Sega x MS
3. Game Gear Mini mot big announcement

3 W's from this topic.