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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dreamcast vs Original Xbox


I prefer...

Dreamcast 45 51.14%
Original Xbox 43 48.86%

MS's first console versus Sega's last, in the one generation they both took part in.

Which system do you think was better, and why?

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Well too many, the OG Xbox was basically the spiritual successor to Sega's DreamCast. I enjoyed the DreamCast alot however the OG Xbox just had alot more quality games overall.

Halo 2 almost outsold the Dreamcast on its own.

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OG Xbox for me, Halo CE. Halo 2, Jade Empire, Fusion Frenzy, Forza Motorsport, Project Gotham Racing, Ninja Gaiden, Splinter Cell (and so many other games) were amazing games that I loved.

As much as I love the original Xbox, I'm gonna have to give it to the Dreamcast, It just had so much charm that the Xbox lacked and had some really unique and good games.

2002 Xbox is actually a Dreamcast Pro or Dreamcast 2 if you want to be precise.

It's funny how Dreamcast are using Windows CE as their API and lead to bad port of early AM3 games to Naomi and Dreamcast . Many games like Virtua Fighter 3 and Sega Rally are worse than AM3 Arcade, while Naomi is more powerful than AM3 arcade . Also the lack of feature from Windows CE with DVD made Sega choose not to use DVD. I read a couple comment from the developer back then. Also Windows CE is expensive and Sega need to pay a lot to Microsoft.

If I have to choose. i choose Xbox original but if Dreamcast is still a thing i bet Dreamcast will be my choices.

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Power Stone. Dreamcast. End of argument.

I actually owned a Dreamcast and never got my hands on an original Xbox.

I feel like the Xbox fulfilled a lot of what the Dreamcast was trying to do. I'm gonna say Xbox.

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Dreamcast was better, OG Xbox was more important.

The onslaught of amazing titles that the DC saw in such a short span is something that will never be repeated.

I enjoyed both consoles during their time. But overall original Xbox wins it for me. Halo: CE was THE reason I bought an Xbox over a GameCube or PS2. There was also Halo 2, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, Ninja Gaiden, Fable, Splinter Cell, DoA 3, Morrowind, and I am sure more I am forgetting.

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From a graphics/horsepower perspective, the Original Xbox was the most powerful console of it's generation and was giving the console gaming world a small taste of programmable pixel shading that would become defacto during the 7th gen.

Often I hear that the OG Xbox is the "Spiritual Successor" to Dreamcast, but find that to be pretty far removed, they are IP's that are owned by completely different companies even to this day.

From a hardware perspective...
Xbox used: Intel x86 processor, nVidia Geforce 3 Hybrid GPU, Mechanical HDD, 64MB of RAM.
Dreamcast used: Hitachi MIPS CPU, PowerVR, 26MB of various memory pools of RAM.

Completely different.

The OS side gets a little more interesting, Dreamcast used Windows CE Kernel, but most games actually didn't use it, they relied on Sega's software stacks instead due to performance/feature reasons, however Windows CE is based on a fork of the NT Kernel... But the underlying OS principles are very different to the Xbox Operating Systems. - Windows CE is a very modular/compartmentalized operating system.

On the OG Xbox Microsoft customized the NT5 (Aka. Windows 2000) kernel for the OG Xbox, they essentially took the NT5 kernel and stripped it as far back as possible to make it as lean and efficient as possible, it doesn't even have a registry for example.

It would be no different than saying the Playstation 4 is the spiritual successor to an Apple Mac or an Android Phone because despite the hardware sets being chalk and cheese, they are all derived from a fork of *Nix.

In regards to games, that is entirely down to personal taste, I haven't played many of Sega's games so I can't give critique there, but I did enjoy Fable and Halo o the OG Xbox back in the day.

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