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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dreamcast vs Original Xbox


I prefer...

Dreamcast 45 51.14%
Original Xbox 43 48.86%

To me it was the Dreamcast, it had a huge library of fighting games.

Companies like Capcom supported the system with plenty games plus the excellent games from sega like Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Sega GT, Shenmue and many more.

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I owned both. But, ya know, Halo.....

Xbox. It was the console I finished the gen on. After getting pissed off at the low reliability of PS2s (seriously, I think I went through like 7 of them. Those things broke far too easily!) I went solely Xbox at the end of the gen. Really enjoyed it too, despite not owning a single Halo game for it.

I gotta give it to the Xbox because it lasted far longer than the Dreamcast which gave it a far stronger library with much more time of enjoyment. The Xbox also revolutionized online gaming with Xbox live that was clearly the best of the generation and was the most graphically capable system that was well ahead of its times. The Xbox exclusives like Halo also changed the gaming landscape as we know it today making shooters and online play huge in 2020, plus the Xbox would get alot of dreamcast ports along with a ton of 3rd Party support. While the Dreamcast did have some amazing games too like Sonic Adventure 1&2, Shenmue, and more, it was also riddled with too many outdated arcade type games that didn't really age well and even some of the best exclusives released weren't really as revolutionary as Halo.

Never owned a Dreamcast, but Dreamcast. It was the first online console, and the first console with an MMORPG. Lots of unique gems on that system that eventually got ported to other systems. I played a few, so that's how I know how good the system was.

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Cerebralbore101 said:
Never owned a Dreamcast, but Dreamcast. It was the first online console, and the first console with an MMORPG. Lots of unique gems on that system that eventually got ported to other systems. I played a few, so that's how I know how good the system was.

Apple Pippin beats the Dreamcast with online connectivity.

The Atari 2600 also had the "GameLine" cart adapter which allowed the Atari 2600 access to the internet,

Intellivision also had the PlayCable from back in 1980 which brought online access to that console.

You also had the Famicom also had a dial-up modem attachment as well and used the Family Computer Network System by Nintendo... Again. Predates the Dreamcast.

Sega Channel also existed for the Genesis... And so much more.

There was also a 3rd party service called XBAND which allowed the SNES/Genesis to do online multiplayer gaming.

Sega wasn't the first console to have online internet access, but it was one of the first semi-decent (For dial-up!) implementations until Microsoft perfected it with the Original Xbox (Broadband LAN only) and set-up the model that all other console manufacturers emulate to various degrees.

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Dreamcast has many good games like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Shenmue, Crazy Taxi, Code Veronica, and Skies of Arcadia. But OG Xbox is on a whole other level. Halo 1 and 2, KOTOR 1 and 2, Battlefront 1 and 2, Fable, Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive 3, Jade Empire, Morrowind, etc. OG Xbox also has the better controller (the S controller, not the Duke).

Dreamcast is a 1998 console while xbox is 2001 so obviously was more advanced tecnically speaking. But Dreamcast was so advanced for its age, with its 3d arcade perfect ports, original games, 2d beatemups, online games, the mini VMU with its minigames.. It really was a dream machine!

Dreamcast kept its charm even when ps2 launched and even today with its strong personality.

For me Dreamcast, absolutely.

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Pemalite said:

From a graphics/horsepower perspective, the Original Xbox was the most powerful console of it's generation and was giving the console gaming world a small taste of programmable pixel shading that would become defacto during the 7th gen.

Often I hear that the OG Xbox is the "Spiritual Successor" to Dreamcast, but find that to be pretty far removed, they are IP's that are owned by completely different companies even to this day.

From a hardware perspective...
Xbox used: Intel x86 processor, nVidia Geforce 3 Hybrid GPU, Mechanical HDD, 64MB of RAM.
Dreamcast used: Hitachi MIPS CPU, PowerVR, 26MB of various memory pools of RAM.

Completely different.

The OS side gets a little more interesting, Dreamcast used Windows CE Kernel, but most games actually didn't use it, they relied on Sega's software stacks instead due to performance/feature reasons, however Windows CE is based on a fork of the NT Kernel... But the underlying OS principles are very different to the Xbox Operating Systems. - Windows CE is a very modular/compartmentalized operating system.

On the OG Xbox Microsoft customized the NT5 (Aka. Windows 2000) kernel for the OG Xbox, they essentially took the NT5 kernel and stripped it as far back as possible to make it as lean and efficient as possible, it doesn't even have a registry for example.

It would be no different than saying the Playstation 4 is the spiritual successor to an Apple Mac or an Android Phone because despite the hardware sets being chalk and cheese, they are all derived from a fork of *Nix.

In regards to games, that is entirely down to personal taste, I haven't played many of Sega's games so I can't give critique there, but I did enjoy Fable and Halo o the OG Xbox back in the day.

Thanks for the insight.

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Dreamcast. Easy.

Even though XBox does have KotOR, aka almost the greatest game ever made. Though that’s more of a PC game to me, so it doesn’t elevate the XBox much for me personally. This would be a lot different if I was my cousin though.