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Would you buy a cheap "playstation Tv" like version of the Switch?

Yes, and I'd buy a digita... 7 18.42%
No, I dislike digital, ev... 31 81.58%

Digital only... why? A Switch TV would only benefit from a cartridge reader, it's not like a disk reader, it barely takes up space.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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If a Switch TV happens... Remember. I called it before the Nintendo Switch even launched years ago, despite the naysayers.

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vivster said:
10 years from now the next generation will laugh at us and ask why we felt the need to put software on individual cartridges or Blurays when there are perfectly fine local storage options. People clinging to physical games is today's version of people clinging to vinyl.

a digital only future isn't gonna be happening anytime soon, even if streaming games becomes more viable. Physical games will one day become the "vinyl" of gaming in the sense that'll be more of a collectors edition kind of thing.

(ps, vinyl sales are at their highest in decades so not the best strawman for that argument :))  and

I certainly wouldn't buy it because I have no reason to as a Switch owner. The lack of game cards is also a big no, as I have about a dozen physical games.

Without a game card slot, screen, buttons, they could sell it for $100 or under. I just don't know if there's much of a market for a digital-only home console Switch. But I've been wrong before.

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Mar1217 said:
vivster said:

How is physical more popular than ever when the percentage of digital sales has been rising steadily for the past decade?

Just look at the total sales of physical copies in certain medium like here, with video games, in a good chunk of cases physical sales alone are sufficent to surpass previous sales numbers that were solely physical at some point.

You just looking at this whole thing from the ratio perspective alone while it certainly doesn't give the whole picture. Digital sales have been more acting like an aditive to the total of potential sales. They're not mutually exclusive. 

That would only show that gaming became more popular not that physical became more popular.

Starting this gen we had about 20/80 division between digital and physical, nowadays we have crossed 50/50 and are nearing 66/33 and that talking about retail games that have both versions. If you were to look at total sales of games it certainly is over 50% now and next gen will be much higher.

The biggest complain about digital is also a strenght, you can pre-order and pre-load the game and start playing at 0s after lockdown time for the game versus physical that you need to buy after release (you can try pre-order on delivery store and be lucky to receive before release, but can also only start playing 1 week after due to long shipment time) and drive, take line, instal, etc.

Mar1217 said:
DonFerrari said:
It was going to happen one day or another. From the reveal I was expecting a hybrid, console only and hh only both cheaper than hybrid to make people that don't need flexibility more likely to buy (or as extra console).

Info from datamining doesn't always end up in full fledged projects though. It's just like those patents  released that end up going nowhere most of the time.

Don't know what you are trying to reply on my post. Your answer doesn't change that I have said we would have 3 models (already have 2 released) of Switch and this leak seems to indicate we will have all 3.

Mar1217 said:
vivster said:

Good points, but it completely ignores a whole section of gamers, namely young people. These habits only come from people who grew up with physical games. Every child that was born in the past decade will already be accustomed to digital sales, both for games and any other media. Basically all of the "worries" posted can be overcome by technological advancement or the changing of habits. There is no rational need to buy physical very soon and suddenly convenience will overtake.

As for the convenience of downloading, having to juggle many games is a fringe case. Consoles have ample space for a number of games to be there at the same time. Even the biggest games can be loaded in less than a day for most people, which is faster than having it delivered and sometimes even faster than going to a store. Not to mention just downloading a game and having them directly there to access is so much more convenient than actually having to physically acquire something and then still having to install it for quite some time. I mean, please show me single person who constantly has to redownload their old games because they had to delete them constantly because they were downloading new games to play. That's not how most people consume games.

Maybe you shouldn't just look at the increased sales of mega blockbusters and instead recognize that a good portion of consumed games today doesn't even have physical options anymore. There are way more games these days downloaded digitally than purchased physically.

If you want to go with the mobile/PC market angle which is almost a 100% share that sure seems a fair way of comparaison. To make this analysis clearer you need games that are available in more than one medium cuz I certainly won't refute the newfound digital market that came with the surge of Indies and digital only software.

Then, we're also at a point where these previously only digital titles can also be sold on a physical medium which shows flexibility in the other range as well.

Like I said, this will paint more as an aditive in the future.

See my first reply to you. It changed from 20/80 to over 50/50 so digital have increased popularity while physical decreased.

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I wouldn't be opposed to a console only cheap Switch model, but digital only? Faq dat. 

Way to kill the concept.

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Dyotropic said:
JRPGfan said:

Not nintendos problem, if you bought it physical, and want to play it on a digital only console.
You ll just be told "too bad, not our problem, buy it again" (sell the physical to cover costs if needed)

Nintendo is trying to get more than one switch per household. This wouldn't be the way to do it. I agree that it would be great for a first time switch owner household, but the backlash (soi boys complaining on twitter) would be insane.  

They already did that with the Switch Lite. 

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JRPGfan said:

So potentially a super cheap, console only version of the Switch, thats digital only.
Any interest in such a device guys?

Nope. I will never buy a digital-only console. I wouldn't even own one if they gave it away for free. It's not something I want to support.

IcaroRibeiro said:
I like physical better. I understand it will disappear eventually,

I don't agree that an all-digital future is inevitable (at least not within my lifetime). Digital has made more inroads with music than any other medium, and even it hasn't gone full digital. As long as the demand exists (and there is still considerably demand for physical among console gamers; a Nielsen survey from last April showed two-thirds of console gamers prefer physical), there will be supply to meet it, and there's no reason to assume that demand for physical must necessarily trend towards zero.

I wouldn't buy it, but I wouldn't be against it existing.
So there's not really an option for me on the poll.

And all-digital or not is irrelevant to me since I haven't bought a physical copy of any game since the 3DS launch window nearly a decade ago. Even longer for PC (probably over 15 years). I hate having my games on separate bits of plastic.

I don't want a console limited to only TV; but if poorer people want a cheap option with a limited functionality Switch, then let them; but it will easily be the least popular form. The Switch is built for multiple possible form factors, but the hybrid is definitely the ideal form.

Me, I want a fully functional Switch 2... Although, only if it doesn't hit the hard reset button again. I want to keep playing all of my Switch software on my next Switch console; maybe with higher display and performance settings.
I AM against the sort of bullshit console companies keep pulling with the hard reset on new hardware. It's 2020, not 1996.

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Yea I'm with a few posters here. Why the heck even take out the card slot. It barely takes any space compared to optical drive. I can see a no screen TV only switch maybe but they would be shooting themselves in the foot making it digital only. I wouldn't buy one that is for sure. If it had a card slot and 99$ then maybe.