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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Let's predict the price of PS5 and XBOX Series X


What is the price of PS5 and XBOX SX?

Both are the same price.$600 0 0%
Both are the same price.$500 31 48.44%
Both are the same price.$400 2 3.13%
PS5 is $ 100 cheaper than XBOX SX 19 29.69%
PS5 is $ 50 cheaper than XBOX SX 10 15.63%
XBOX SX is $ 100 cheaper than PS5 0 0%
XBOX SX is $ 50 cheaper than PS5 2 3.13%

XSX: $500

PS5: $450

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shikamaru317 said:

XSX does have a dedicated audio chip, same as PS5, but we don't know how the specs of XSX's audio chip compared to the PS5's audio chip. From what I heard, the PS5's dedicated audio chip is as powerful as PS4's Jaguar CPU.

Yeah, totally, Cerny mentioned its capabilities being comparable to the Jaguar CPU in his tech talk. Quite impressive for my ears. Maybe I'm going to send a picture of them to Cerny.

I don’t think the controller will impact the price too much. Both standard current controllers are the same price and the ps4 controller has touchpad, light bar, and a speaker.

Going by the price of the one x on release at $499 I can see them both being around that price. Sony did keep the pro cheaper at $399 so they seem mindful of price, maybe they go $449. I’m not an expert on build price so just going off of what has happened before.

Looks like most of us are thinking both consoles will launch at $499.

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PS4 @ $400
XBOX SX @ $500

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450 for ps5 and like 550 for Xbox and its Over before even start


WoodenPints said:

$499 for both I don't see there been much different in the BOM of each console . I expect MS to have their "E3" Show first and set out a standard $499 price point for the Series X and Sony will likely follow at $499 but if for some reason Sony decide to go crazy and take massive losses to announce a $449 price for the PS5 I fully expect MS to come out and match it similarly to how AMD did with cutting their GPU's prices after a Nvidia price cut before they even launched which would be great for us as consumers but I can't imagine either company would want to eat that degree of loss for such a long duration.

I thought about this as well, but I don't see it happening. This worked for AMD because existing Nvidia cards were already too expensive, and they didn't drop the price enough because they didn't have to based on the launch RDNA pricing. AMD then dropped the price even further before launch, on purpose apparently having baited Nvidia, leaving Nvidia looking like greedy idiots. They aren't called Ngreedia at times for nothing. How could Nvidia legitimately justify dropping their prices any further after the fact? All they would be telling consumers is that they don't give a crap about value, which AMD clearly does, while making Nvidia look bad at the same time.

When MS announces the XBSX price, if SNY matches it, then MS could drop the price and play if off as they were trying to bait SNY. However if SNY undercuts XBSX by any amount, if MS then matches that price before launch, all they would be telling consumers is that they don't care that much about value. It would mean that MS could have announced that lower price initially, but didn't, because of greed. That would not look good on them one bit, so MS would just keep the price as is.

If MS really cares about price as much as Phil is saying, then they will have to make the best possible offer they can from the start. That way it's also less likely that SNY undercuts them by much if at all. SNY could go hard and dig deep into their own pockets, but at that point MS couldn't really do anything price related anyway.

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The price is a tough one to call, and will not necessarily be the same differences as cost

I went for PS4 being $50 cheaper

Lots of interesting points raised in this thread, particularly that for example it's not impossible that the stronger part is actually cheaper, if they are custom designed development cost may be higher but you can maybe save on the BoM costs

Both are beasts - and we will be getting a lot for our money

I can't wait to see how they stack up to each other, where the bottlenecks lie, is the 1.5 Tf difference significant? Will the PS5's SSD and co-processors make it 'work harder' and bridge the gap? Etc...

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PS4 450 and XSX 550. If both want to lose even more money 400 and 500.

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drkohler said:
Pemalite said:

No way.

Because you didn't understand what I wrote?

Not at all.

shikamaru317 said:

XSX does have a dedicated audio chip, same as PS5, but we don't know how the specs of XSX's audio chip compared to the PS5's audio chip. From what I heard, the PS5's dedicated audio chip is as powerful as PS4's Jaguar CPU.

Going to play semantics. It's not an audio-chip, it's an Audio-Processor integrated on the APU, basically a successor to AMD's True Audio.

It's processing capabilities are also highly specialized, so whilst it might have the same "theoretical" performance ceiling as a Jaguar CPU, it's not going to be capable of running the same processing tasks as the Jaguar cores are good at everything. (Relatively anyway.)
And that is in stark contrast to the Audio block only good at a singular thing.

beeje13 said:

is the 1.5 Tf difference significant?

1.87 Teraflops.

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