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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Zelda Breath of the Wild—First Zelda game

pitzy272 said:
JWeinCom said:

Botw isn't really representative of what other Zelda games are like.  So, just because you don't enjoy this doesn't mean you won't enjoy others.  As for your criticisms, maybe this just isn't your style of game.

You can change the sprint button... I think there are two options for it. 

You need to bond with your horse before it will listen to you.  You can check your bond at a stable.  It shouldn't take terribly long to max out your bond, simply soothe the horse with L, or feed it apples.

The game lets you travel anywhere you wish more or less.  This means that you're going to encounter enemies that are way above your current capabilities.  If there's a group of enemies that is taking you 45 minutes to kill, then you should honestly be avoiding them, or you need some other strategies.  It is theortetically possible to beat any enemy at any point, but you're better off spending time getting more powerful weapons.

In regards to test of strength in particular, are you able to dodge/flurry rush consistently?  If not, you're gonna have a bad time.  Also, ancient weapons are better at taking out ancient enemies.  And, if you're still using basic armor, you're probably going to go down in a few hits.  You can come back to a shrine at any time, so no need to be stubborn.  If you're getting your ass kicked come back later.

If your stamina is problematic for you, increase it.  IDK what more can be said about that.  

Overall, BOTW doesn't hold your hand which is actually different than most other Zelda games.  While other Zelda games guide you along so that you're never able to access a challenge you're not equipped for, it's quite possible for that to happen in this game.  You can even go charging into the main boss fight almost immediately after the game starts.  It's possible, and expected, that you're going to run into situations you're not ready for.  The whole game is basically about preparing yourself for more difficult challenges.  Whether or not you'll find that fun, I can't say.  I love the game, but even with a game that's almost universally praised, it's just not going to click with some people.  

Thanks for everything you wrote. A lot of this is helpful to read. 
Nice. I didn’t know I could feed my horse apples. Or that I could use a stable. 
I can hold the shield button then jump to the side. IDR if that was specifically called dodging yet. If so, I definitely haven’t mastered that yet. I guess I’m used to just pressing a single button to dodge. Been getting a little better at parrying, but it’s hard to time. Idk what a flurry rush is. I’m pretty sure I can’t do that yet...

Very good to know about ancient weapons. Haven’t come across one yet. 
I don’t have armor. I just bought the Hylian clothing set. 
Thanks again for your response!

No problem.  

A couple of things.  If you get a horse take it to a stable.  It will stay there, and you can retrieve it later.  Also, it keeps whatever bond level you have, so you don't have to capture new horses every time. 

If you either jump to the side or backflip away right before an enemy hits you, time will slow down and you can mash the attack button to get 4-5 hits in while time is slowed.  This is essential to beating the tests of strength, because those enemies have a lot of health.  The timing is also a lot easier than parrying imo.  

Are you following the main quests, or just kind of wandering around?  If you stick to the main quests early on, they'll either directly tell, or guide you to a lot of these features. For example, I'm pretty sure one of the early quests forces you to go right past a stable.  So if you haven't been doing that, I'd recommend it for the first few hours.

Hope these tips help you enjoy the game more.  And of course there are a lot of videos that will also give you some good starting tips. Unlike other Zelda games, this one really doesn't give you a lot of direction. If something feels too hard, it's probably because there's a better way to do it.

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Metallox said:
With all due respect, sounds to me like you should check out some tricks on YouTube to get through the game more easily. 45+ minutes for a group of enemies that I'm going to assume are either moblins or lizalfos it's just too much, and it's possible to beat the guardians of the moderate tests in a snap, even with poor equipment.

Ha well I am struggling with the controls. Been playing games for almost thirty years, but these controls are throwing me off.

The enemy that I struggled with in that group of 3 was a Moblin, but he had a spear that killed me in a single hit. I have only 3 hearts of life and just got the Hylian clothing set. I was (still am) in the area directly North of Necluda (tower/map not yet unlocked) heading toward the Divine Beast there.

I don’t understand how it’s possible to beat moderate level guardians so quickly with poor equipment. It was taking forever. Every hit brought its life down such a tiny amount that I couldn’t tell it was even going down until 3 or so consecutive hits. Again, I’ve been playing games for nearly 3 decades, and it seemed odd enough that I felt like I must be missing something. I think I may have eventually been able to beat it, as I was getting its patterns down, but I was getting really bored, and I would’ve ended up wasting all of my weapons on it. 

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FarleyMcFirefly said:
I've been a Zelda fan since I liked videogames. My first was A Link to the Past. My favourite Zelda (and game ever) is Ocarina of Time.
I have played Breath of the Wild through twice. The first time, I found how much of a departure from the normal Zelda formula to be jarring... I couldn't enjoy it as much because to me it didn't feel like Zelda. On its own, I thought the game was a great game, just not a great Zelda game.

Playing through the second time I just appreciated everything more. I loved it more for being different; for being able to change the franchise in such a fundamental way and still be engaging. I will say, the story that is there I love. But there is just not enough of it (cutscenes I mean). I'm in the minority but I love the voice acting in this game, especially Zelda herself, who has my favourite design in the series. I can't really explain my feelings for this game like I want... I love this game, though not perfect, I think it has many aspects that are the best so far in the series. That being said, despite its huge popularity, I would never recommend this game as the first game to play to anybody who is interested in the Zelda series as a whole.

Darn, that’s unfortunate haha

I know it's hard. I know some gamers need to be funneled in a certain direction. I know reading sucks. I know it's tempting to go on YouTube and see what to do next.

This isn't that kind of game. Explore, gather things, go wherever you feel like and fight whatever you feel like fighting. You'll end up in the right place.

I do recommend making "x" the dash button, though. And if you haven't bonded with your horse, find a better one. You'll eventually find one that does what you want. You'll spend most of the game alone and on foot. You may want to have a horse (or even Wolf Link) by your side but the bulk of your journey will be solo. Enjoy it.

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Mar1217 said:
Looking at your playthrough so far. You'll need time to build towards a better experience since Link needs more equipment and health and stamina boosts to get better over time.
Though, I do understand this alien feeling when it comes to the controls.
Honestly, I'd say that most of what you're experiencing right now we'll be better later on as you obviously get more accustomed to the different mechanics.

Otherwise, maybe you'd like Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess better if you're into more heavy narrative type of game.

BOTW doesn't hold your hand much long in that department.

Good to know that it should get better with time! I’m sticking with it. Gonna play it again in a few minutes. I really want to love this game—and the world of Zelda in general. Even tho I never played a Zelda game, Link has always seemed like the coolest Nintendo character to me. And I always figured that Zelda games would be my favorite Nintendo franchise. 

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Decker said:

As others have said, Breath of the Wild isn't anything like previous Zelda games, I really enjoy the game but it's not necessarily my favorite in the series and understand the issues you are having with it, my only recommendation is to either keep trying it with maybe a guide so things feel like theres a bit more structure and so you can have an idea what you are working towards, or just if possible try out another more classic styled 3D Zelda game like Twilight Princess since it is much more story oriented, darker, and more sense of structure to the game.

I’m gonna stick with it! And yeah, I might try checking out a guide. If you have any tips on what guide to use, feel free to post it:) Thanks for your insight/advice!

Amnesia said:
I had finished 3 Zelda before, and I am a Nintendo guy.
It took me more than 5 hours to feel well into this one, and today it is one of my favorite game ever. It is actually the only one game I could play these last 8 years without being speedrunning, but just relaxing.

Okay, good to know. Thanks!

Regarding difficulty, discretion is often the better part of valor in BOTW; the game is designed so that you will regularly come across enemies that you are just not ready to fight yet, and a strategic retreat is often the best option. This is done to keep the world feeling tense and dangerous.

Don't worry; you can always come back later and whoop their sorry butts for some sweet revenge once you've accumulated more hearts, stamina, and better weapons/armour. :)

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After 6 hours I also had mixed emotions. I had the most fun to unlock new parts on the map and find all shrines. Story is imo not the strength of a Zelda game (haven't played Skyward Sword yet). Most Nintendo games are focused on gameplay.
New locations, better weapons & armor and new/better skills should be motivation enough. I think after 30 hours I really was in the game and even went very late to bed because there was so much I wanted to do. But at the beginning I also had not much fun with the game. Haven't had problems with the difficulty, though. Harder enemies drop better weapons. Typical for a open world game. It was fair imo.
I actually haven't used a horse often. I tried it at the beginning, but the speed wasn't much better. It also prevented me from collecting things. Usually I used the paraglider and teleports for travelling.

The game is very much a tedious affair, it revolves entirely around the shrines.

However, once you hit the story and do your first beast, I find the gameplay picks up significantly.

In saying that, not all Zelda games are the same... I absolutely loved Links Awakening on the old Gameboy back when I was younger... And the remake on Switch was probably my favorite game so far on the console... And it's the polar opposite in terms of gameplay style to Breath of the Wild.

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