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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What would make you interested in getting a VR headset?


What would make you interested in getting a VR headset?

A game (details in the comments) 1 5.88%
Fixing isolation 0 0%
Better hardware 5 29.41%
Much better price 4 23.53%
Fixing motion sickness 3 17.65%
A combination (details in the comments) 2 11.76%
Absolutely nothing 2 11.76%
d21lewis said:
Already have the PSVR and Oculus Go. Both on day one.

Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time finding compelling new software for both. Guess I'll just play what I already have.

I have PSVR and a Samsung Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality Headset for PC. I have the same issue. Lots of appetizers, but no main course.

Luckily we just got Half-Life Alyx on PC, and it is delivering the goods. Fisrt full on AAA title I have played in VR. It has the visuals, the gameplay, the full length campaign, and full on AAA production values. This will be a landmark title for VR.

Now I am just hoping Marvel's Iron Man VR can deliver a great capper for PSVR on PS4. Then I am ready to see what devs can do with PSVR on PS5. Really hoping Sony will start to do some select AAA VR titles sooner than later. 

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If I had my own personal living arrangement with enough space to set up VR. Also if I had enough disposable income to justify the expense.

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For me it is price. I need to upgrade my PC in order for it to handle a good VR headset and more AAA games to make that amount of money worth it. Right now only Beat Saber and Half Life Alyx interest.

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Already have the Acer Mixed reality headset picked it up very cheap a few months before xmas and its been great. But like others have said the needs to be more AAA gaming for it, Fallout 4 and Skyrim has been pretty good (For games that was never originally made for VR), and i honestly think the new standard is now HL:Alyx, Nothing else even comes close. So we need more games like Alyx .

Cost is the biggest barrier of entry for me tbh. The only headset I'm interested in is Index, and that costs more than I'd like it to be. I'd also be more interested if we saw more VR games like HLA.

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Half-Life Alyx was the first game that made me even remotely think about wanting a VR headset but that was a very brief moment. as I looked at the prices for VR headsets and see they cost way too much.

Two things:

- No motion sickness
- FF XIV VR Edition

Resolutions and graphics just need to improve abit more.

If they can do that, and keep prices as is, or lower.... VR should grow then. (ideally a VR headset wouldnt be more than ~149$ imo)

I owned a HTC Vive since october 2016 so only a little after release. Before I would upgrade it would require 3 things
1) Upgraded hardware (resoultion, field of vision etc)
2) A latency free wireless option (the current wireless modules they sell for vive expensive and depending on game add to much latency)
3) A game that I believe will be more enjoyable and fun with the upgrades in number one

On side note am about halfway though HalfLife: alyx and WOW by far the best graphics I seen and experience I had in VR to date. First time since early on with the VR headset that I actually was truly wowed graphically to what I was seeing while in VR. I almost went out and bought the Index controllers for my Vive because I think it would improve the experience even more vs the Vive controller. In the end I could not justify the cost through. It the closest thing to a complete AAA game there is in VR. For time played Beat Saber will remain number one (easily got over 40 hours so far and counting) since I use it as exercise but as far as VR experiences Halflife will be the game I show friends if they thinking about getting VR.

Pricing and available software. There's only a handful of decent titles for VR use and the prices are ridiculous. Not only the sets themselves, but also the hardware requirements for the kit. The investment is quite simply not worth it, not even close. And by the looks of it, it won't be for a very long time.
HL: Alyx looks amazing, but no one title could spur me to purchase a VR set. I don't think even ten titles of that quality would.