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I owned a HTC Vive since october 2016 so only a little after release. Before I would upgrade it would require 3 things
1) Upgraded hardware (resoultion, field of vision etc)
2) A latency free wireless option (the current wireless modules they sell for vive expensive and depending on game add to much latency)
3) A game that I believe will be more enjoyable and fun with the upgrades in number one

On side note am about halfway though HalfLife: alyx and WOW by far the best graphics I seen and experience I had in VR to date. First time since early on with the VR headset that I actually was truly wowed graphically to what I was seeing while in VR. I almost went out and bought the Index controllers for my Vive because I think it would improve the experience even more vs the Vive controller. In the end I could not justify the cost through. It the closest thing to a complete AAA game there is in VR. For time played Beat Saber will remain number one (easily got over 40 hours so far and counting) since I use it as exercise but as far as VR experiences Halflife will be the game I show friends if they thinking about getting VR.