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Forums - Sony Discussion - Based on what we know about the PS5: What do you think is the cheapest it can can be and break even; What will be the actual price?

trunkswd said:
Sony doesn't want to take as big of a hit like they did with the PS3 at launch. If the rumor is true that the parts for the PS5 are $450 it will likely cost Sony closer to $500 per console when you add in manufacturing and shipping costs. Plus retailers take a small cut per console sold. I'm guessing either $449 or $499 at launch, with the Xbox Series X launching at the same price to match.

This is what I'm expecting as well. Which is an incredible value for what the XSX is providing when it comes to hardware. Their RT solution is amazing. If they are able to bring games a long with that they are going to have a very nice next gen. Also interested to see how BC effects sales this year. Might put a lot of people in a position where they are unwilling to leave their current environment. I didn't even want to leave the MS environment because of my trophies but they forced my hand.

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Console: $500
Upgrade SSD (800 gb isn't going to cut it): $200
PSN (5 years): $300

So roughly $1,000

Anywhere between $450 and $500. As long as they have some common sense, they won't repeat the "599 US Dollars" thing from 2006, even if it means going under the profit margin. It could be argued that they could make back the money with the PS+/PS Now subscriptions, but it is not something to rely completely on.

Chrkeller said:
Console: $500
Upgrade SSD (800 gb isn't going to cut it): $200
PSN (5 years): $300

So roughly $1,000

PSN 5 years you can get for 225 if you wait for deals.

And are you willing to pay the cost of console gaming on playstation?

Imo it is not that high for the time of enjoyment you are getting out of it.

Would copying PS4's pricing strategy work again this time?

2020 - $399
2021 - $399
2022 - $399
2023 - $399
2024 - $399
2025 - $399

2030 - $299 ?

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I can bet with anyone that it will cost 449dollars, they might need to take a loss on each console sold to get it down to that price.

Chrkeller said:
Console: $500
Upgrade SSD (800 gb isn't going to cut it): $200
PSN (5 years): $300

So roughly $1,000

You forgot a decent controller, I was forced to buy the bacon revolution unlimited because the DualShock is horrible. And paid online the generation won't be only 5 years, more like 7.

This is why I have been thinking keeping my ps4 for exclusives and build a PC in January.

PC has

1 - Free online

2 - Huge backwards compatibility with thousands of games

3 - Cheaper games

4 - Way better media compatibility

5 - Cheaper SSD drives

6 - Much bigger choice on controllers

7 - Easier/cheaper to upgrade in the future

8 - Can replace my macbook

9 - Much more variety of games, strategy, management etc which works best with a mouse

Hynad said:
Xxain said:

And lets pretend that SONY had a 399 console they priced at 499. How would you feel about that?

Just got a surprisingly good Tax Return. Gonna take $500 of it and put it away for the PS5 pre order. Had me thinking about these questions.

I’m expecting anything between 399.99 and 499.99USD.

Hopefully, they understand that one of the reason the PS4 sold so well was because it was at the sweet spot of 399.99.

400dollars in 2013 is not the same as 400 dollars in 2020.

400 dollars now would be cheaper than the ps4 launch

$450 to take a loss. $500 with controller and all fees associated with going from the factory to a store shelf.

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles. 


Either $450 or $500.

Currently, the PS4's launch price has an inflation-adjusted value of $444 (and, yes, inflation does matter; $400 for a console was obscenely expensive 25-30 years ago, but is reasonable now). So, $450 would be in line with that. Assuming the PS5 does cost as much to make as has been reported, I don't see them going with $400 as that might be too big of a per-unit loss. $500 would net them a small profit per unit. However, assuming Sony is waiting until MS announces the XSX's price, if the latter is also $500 I think Sony may try to undercut them.

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