Xxain said:
KLXVER said:

Well the PS3 was sold at a 200$ loss at the start, so 399 is not out of the question for the PS5.

They also have a strong PSN as well. I actually think SONY gonna shock and do 399

I feel the opposite.  Sony has a very strong global brand and by the look of it the PS5 will be a strong system.  Sony is not going for the lost per console this coming gen because they do not need to.  The only way the PS5 comes in at 399 is if it breaks even at that price.  I believe the PS5 will cost 500 bones and will go toe to toe with the new xbox because the games will sell the system and the brand over MS all day.  Sony has already proven their selves in their games its MS who has to prove themselves and claw back some market.