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*if* you could only pick 1, which one would it be?

Xbox series X, 600$ - 12,1 Tflops (4k) 14 24.56%
Playstation 5, 500$ - 10,3 Tflops (4k) 37 64.91%
Xbox series Y, 400$ - 4+ Tflops (1080p) 6 10.53%

I wanted to pose a "hypothetical" or "what-if" situation where in the near future would could see 3 consoles.

1) Xbox Series X, 12,1 Tflop (4k), 3,6ghz cpu, 1TB ssd ~600$

2) Playstation 5, "upto" 10,3 Tflops (4k), "upto" 3,5Ghz cpu, 825GB SSD. ~500$

3) Xbox Series Y (lockhart), 4+ Tflops (1080p gameing), 3,6ghz cpu, 1TB ssd ~400$

Which of the 3 are you getting? if you could only pick one?

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Ps5 cause as a PC gamer, I can get xbox one games on my pc.


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PS5. It has exclusives.

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Series Y but if the Series X is $500 then that.

Captain_Yuri said:
Ps5 cause as a PC gamer, I can get xbox one games on my pc.

This right here.

Wouldn't get it at 500$ though. I'm in no rush.

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$400 one or nothing.

In addition, Im not going to spend money on lite versions of new consoles.

Series X for sure. I'll pick one up as soon as it's available.

Can I pick none instead?

The PS5 would be the only one I'm interested in, but not for that price. It'd probably have to be less than half of that for me to even consider getting it in its first year.

PS5 easy.And it's not because of the specs.It's because of the exclusive games it will sure to get.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

As long as I still have my Switch, PS5. It has plethora of games I want that are not typically on Xbox, and I have had every Playstation since the PS1.

If I had to give up the Switch to make this choice, it should also be on the poll. In this case, I would go with Switch as it also has a plethora of games I like that are not on PS or XB. Throw in the hybrid form factor and the fact that it is already my primary console because of that, and it becomes the obvious choice for me.

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